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Leaving Jesus; Rejecting Islam: A prophet like Moses

I think, with this article, I have to put forward the specific claims of the muslim. I’m gonna quote an article called “What does the Bible say about Muhammad …” by Shabir Ally at According to the Bible, God … Continue reading

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The bloody injustice of christianity

Having been challenged with the Christian doctrine of vicarious atonement again, for myself a fact needs reiteration. The christian teaching of Jesus dying for all our sins, being punished in our place, is a teaching of irresponsibility and injustice. The … Continue reading

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Leaving Jesus; Rejecting Islam: His name is in the Bible

So muslims point to Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon, chapter 5 verse 16 and make the startling claim that even Muhamad’s name is in the Jewish Bible. I’ve seen multiple muslim webpages referring to it and some of … Continue reading

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Leaving Jesus, Rejecting Islam

I’m surprised that I’m even bringing this up but recent things I’ve watched have irritated me to the point where I want to start attacking it. It’s come to my attention that when a person leaves Jesus as messiah or … Continue reading

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Is there anything wrong with the teachings of Jesus himself?

Before I answer that question, I will just say that Jesus himself wrote no gospel. So I’m not exactly discussing Jesus’ teachings but rather what anonymous writers wrote about him. Yes I’m referring to the four gospels. Although they were … Continue reading

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