Book Reviews

Challenge Everything You Thought Was True

An honest search for the truth of Christianity will result in Leaving Jesus. This is a wonderful compare and contrast text between the Old Testament (Tanakh) and the New Testament Gospels. James Wood worked with Rabbi Tovia Singer to understand the Hebrew scriptures as they were written and not as they are interpreted. Leaving Jesus challenges the New Testament writers, exposes their ignorance and their claims using the same Hebrew scriptures they purport to fulfill. The book also provides historical references placing the writings of the prophets into context, removing any mythological interpretations and exposing logical conclusions.

In twelve chapters, Mr. Wood discusses topics such as the true meaning of the word Messiah (anointed one), what the Hebrew scriptures say about sin and atonement, examines the “Messianic” prophecies, answers the question “who is satan” (its not what you think), and shares his theories on the real messiah as prophesied by Ezekiel. Most people will be most changed by the revelation that there is no fallen angel, satan, who tortures man and tests God. Nothing happens without his allowing it as proclaimed in Isaiah 45.

I am eternally grateful to James Wood for writing this work and answering any and all questions I could have as I worked through my beliefs in the man called Jesus. The only criticism I have of the work is that he uses the King James Version of the scriptures from which to quote including all of the “thous” and “thees.” Enjoy!

– Elizabeth B.

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