About me

I am a follower of YHVH. He is my life and my strength.

If you are a Christian then you must understand that I once believed as you do
now. I had been a Christian for 30 years and until I started learning Hebrew I had
never seriously questioned my beliefs.

I was the son of a ordained Southern Baptist Minister and was seriously
committed to Christ. I witnessed to unbelievers and constantly studied the New
Testament even taking a year of Greek. I had ignored the entire Tanach*.

When I started studying Hebrew and became involved with Messianic Judaism
my world fell apart! After five years of study and much prayer I discovered that
Christianity was not YHVH’s plan for mankind.

My Story in Audio

* Christians call the Tanach the “Old Testament”

3 Responses to About

  1. st.mark says:

    you say christians spit on sinai. but the jews spit on sinai. the whole mountain of sinai lies not far from their country israel. in all their pride of the law they received there. all their boasting and evrything else they built on that law. the midrash, the babylonian talmud and all their phariseeic religion. they never once demanded to gain access to that mountain called djebel-al-laws. if they would care 1 cent about the law they would storm the saudi embassy and ask for a pilgrimage corridor. we know whatever jews want. they get. since they run the world.. instead they run around a wall that isnt even from the temple but from the edomites fortress antonia. how more deluded can people be. i have a big beef with christianity. but sorry you should call this website an invitation to judaism cuz thats what it really is.

  2. Shali says:

    Sorry you were sucked into yet another lie: That Yeshua (not Jesus!) is a lie and the the NT is a myth. Please check out my website which amply refutes both sides of the coin: http://therefinersfire.org/

  3. Tim Forlong says:

    sorry to hear that Jesus did not satisfy you. i’m not a scholar so cant really comment on the Hebrew references. however, God’s Spirit through Jesus has been powerful in my life. i cant deny Jesus in that. just wondering…if your was a scholarly exercise, without the leading and power of the Spirit (of Jesus), then would that have contributed to you feeling unimpressed with Jesus? Tim from New Zealand

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