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Everyone knows that Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah. Is it possible that they have misunderstood the entire concept of the Messiah and his function in God’s spiritual economy?

Passages such as Isaiah 53 and Zechariah 13 are viewed as messianic by the Church but has the Church misused them to point to a confused portrait of a man that shouldn’t have applied for the position?

Is the New Testament an accurate picture of the events surrounding the times of Jesus or, is it fiction?

As a former Christian of 25 years and son of a Southern Baptist minister, James entered a Messianic Jewish congregation to experience the teachings of the Messianic movement. Convinced something was terribly wrong, he left the movement and started studying to find the truth.

After five years of intensive study and much prayer, James reveals in simple language how Christians have been lead down a path paved with deceit. Starting with the basics of Christianity, James then examines the “Messianic” prophecies that the gospel writers abused to point to Jesus, then the author dispels Christianity and uncovers the truth, beauty and simplicity of the Hebrew Bible.

This book is written with two types of people in mind. First, for the Christian, in order to help them understand what they are dealing with when they try to make sense of Jesus and the New Testament. The second type of person, is the one who would like to learn how to defend their beliefs against the Christian missionary that uses the Hebrew Scriptures to promote their version of the messiah and their misplaced emphasis on him.

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  1. M KAY says:

    please read Hebrews 11:6

    • James Wood says:

      What good is “faith” if you are trusting in a lie. Do you think that God will reward those that say they receive his words in the Tanach (Old Testament) but later reject them for a “better revelation” that comes later, especially one that disagrees with his first Word?

      • Elijah says:

        Typical you have a witchcraft symbol on YOUR website Fool. May Yeshuas Grace fill you with truth.

  2. Samuel Osofodunrin says:

    You need a rethink on your relationship with God.It’s not too late and there’s no shame about it.Read Isaiah 1 vs 19-20,Hebrews 10 vs 26- 39.

  3. YABE says:

    When I was in the Catholic church; I was an active and energetic participant of all the programmes they could conjure-up, read it’s books, said its prayers, meditated, beads and all, yet my life was empty, unfulfilled, lost, useless and of little worth. Whilst in that state; I entered and gotten into an unconscious search for something that would fill that huge void in my life.

    Right from the beginning of my search I was influenced by the Beatles’ George Harrison song ‘krishna’, I began to study into hinduism, read its books, meditations, said it’s sutras, beads ‘n all. Next I went off in oriental medicine, because as a paramedic I had a desire to help people and wanted to study medicine but was too old for it. I studied acupuncture, iridology, etc in an Institute for Oriental Medicine. I was thus influenced to study into taoist buddhism, read its books, said its mantras, meditations, beads and all.

    My dad decided to remain in Indonesia when the Indonesian Government under Sukarno decided to expel us ‘whites’ out of the country in 1956, (there were two factions at war over Indonesia, Russian communism and islam, islam won. We went to Europe. My dad eventually took on islam and I thought to study into it also, read its book, said its prayers, meditated, beads and all. ALL this time in which I spent in search of fulfilment, NOBODY in the Roman church objected to it; though they knew what I was doing, in fact I received support from them in doing so. BUT WOE, WOE, WOE, when I asked Meshiach Yehushua to enter into my life, I was met with the most stringent of flack ostracised, priests were sent to me in their attempt to bring me back to their flock. But I was no longer in religion, I was no longer religious, but rather; I found myself in a relationship with the Supreme Creator Who ha given Himself as scapegoat and ransom for ALL humanity, from Adam to to very last person born on earth.

    He Baptised me in His Holy Spirit Who then began to teach me all that pertains to His Salvation Programme; from go to woe. The real person, my spirit-person now relates to YHVH’s Spirit, He told me that “without My Spirit you cannot understand what I’m about”. I was blind before but now I can see into Eternity; and I have literally seen Eternity, I’ve seen its Glory, heard its sounds, literally smelled its odours, (when I came back to earth; I noticed that there is a constant progression of decay which produces a unpleasant smell, a stench by comparison. I therefore have boldness to aver that YHVH / Yehushuah lives and is the God of the living, ALL that which is written in the Bible IS YHVH’s Holy Word, (a “manufacturer’s” hand-book for life on earth; if you will, that Heaven is real, hell is real and I did not become a True Christian so as to dodge hell, I’m a True Christian because I’m Love with the Supreme Creator of ALL that exists and willing to lay-down my life for Him, Amein

    Ya’akov Ariel Ben Ezra

    • James Wood says:

      You are willing to “lay down your life” for him? The question I have for you is “Are you willing to submit yourself and LIVE for Him (YHVH)?”

      The Almighty has already laid out what he requires of you in the Tanach. Get a copy of my book and see what I have to say about your New Testament…

      • YABE says:

        My answer to your first question; YES!!! Both Torah and Tanach are plastered with that which the Prophets have seen in visions desired to live the times of Meshiach Yehushua and the times we are in now. My eldest son was the most rebellious in my house and by the Grace of YHVH he was shown moments of eternity ‘downstairs’. Anthony did not ask Yehushua to enter into his life because of that; but because he believed blindly; and in that “blind belief” he received visions and dreams as according to: Joel2:28 [28] And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: [29] And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out My Spirit. Anthony has now been given the stewardship of a Church of True Believers, the congregation of which consists of EX-lepers; prayed for and healed, EX-malaria; prayed for and healed, EX-muslims from Iran; prayed for and released from religious bondage, EX-red-light dwellers, EX-prosts, etc. I have a whole list of testimonies of miracles from the miracle-working God. There is NO turning back, no, not when so many Jews that have so ardently and tirelessly fought against the New Testament; but now do what many like me do; which is indicated by the “sprouting of the Fig Tree” parable. Whatever is Prophesied in Torah/Tanah is now coming to pass; and truly my friend; I feel profoundly sorry for you; for missing-out of the good, no; the best part of History, which is NOW and the Sovereign Lord’s soon arrival to rule this world, the One World Government lead by the One and Only Supreme Theocracy, not by some dumb fool who WILL fail at his attempt.

  4. James Wood says:


    You are a prime example of the person that needs to read both the Tanach and my book. It seems that you have fallen for the lie that the Tanach highly elevates the mashiach. There are many mashiach to be found in the Tanach but Christians such as yourself ignore the plain prophecies found in the Word of God and instead embrace the lies and distortions of the NT.

    The second mistake Christians make is that they rely more heavily on their experiences, dreams and their thoughts instead of the Torah and Tanach. Don’t you realize that God’s Word warns you not to fall prey this type of living?

    I notice that you reference miracles, the conversion of others and even your son’s dream/vision to validate your beliefs in “Yehushua” but didn’t give me one clear concise Scripture reference to convince me that your beliefs are correct. Quite to the contrary, the Tanach tells us not to rely on miracles and the like for validation of prophecies.

    It is your NT that contains the MANY promises of “Yehushua” that have not come to pass such as “I come quickly” and many more prophetic utterances that prove that this man was a false prophet.

    Don’t feel sorry for me. I am the one that has chosen to follow the Words of YHVH and not follow those things that lead one down the wrong path. What will you do with his Words?

  5. YABE says:

    I must first of all thank you for the fact that you have so-far had the courage to publish that which I have written to you, many like you in the passed have simply wiped my writings so as to hide the Truth from other readers because they knew that they were following what I would say next. I am, however, perspiquous that you are thinking to do the same.
    If we are not to rely on miracles; than why did ADONAI show His Might by parting the Red Sea and the Jordan for the passing of Yisrael? Did ELOHIM give the Decalogue at Sinai just to fill the pages of a book? Why the parting of the waters by Eliyahu and Elisha striking them with the coat so as to pass over them? Why did YHVH consume the sacrifice Eliyahu offered; with fire to show Who is God, ELOHIM or baal? What good is it to show the king of Babylon “the forth Man” in the fiery furnace, Who stood with Hananiah, Mishae and Azariah, (Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego), Whom; even the pagan king recognized as “the Son of the Most High” in the spirit of Prophesy? Why did YHVH show the miracle in the lion’s den where Daniel was not consumed? You preach out of Torah / Tanach, you should familiar with ALL the miracles ELOHIM showed us in the journeys of our History. One of the greatest miracle is how YHVH shows HIS Sovereignty by the built-in numeric system in the Hebrew Language; which shows it to be made within it the DNA for Creation, HIS hidden TORAH CODES of future events, the system of writing that could NEVER be authored by the most brilliant of minds in all of humanity. Panyin, a high-standing Russian atheist mathematician who set-out to prove the non-existence of God; discovered the hidden number system in God’s Holy Word and found the redemptive work of Meshiach Yehushua, needless to say he too now worships the King of kings and Lord of lords.
    In Brit Chadashah we are warned not to allow false preachers/teachers to enter our homes lest we come to the same condemnation as them; (JWs, Mormons, RC’s, and a plethora of seemingly ‘well-meaning’ but ill-informed that need praying for), I state this unequivocally, (at the hearing of Still-Small-Voice of Ruach HaKodesh, [1st Kings 19;11-18]), that the purchasing of your book would be equal to allowing you into my house and defile it with a spirit of falsehood, deception and defilement. I cry for you my friend and I strongly recommend to you; the intense reading and study of the 1st & 2nd Books of ADAM & CHAVA and the Books of ENOCH, (all of which, I’m convinced, are integral to Torah/Tanakh/Brit Chadashah), beside the Books in Torah – Tanakh, mention the coming of ADONAI – ELOHIM in the flesh and given it as a sacrificial scapegoat to humanity and therewith purchase to Himself those that would hear His Voice. (Why did I use “ADONAI – ELOHIM” ? The Name “ADONAI” is the Name that denotes His Mercy; and the Name “ELOHIM” denotes judgment. ADONAI, [ELOHEINU], therefore came to show Mercy to humanity by His Supreme Sacrifice and “ELOHIM” came to judge, condemn and destroy the powers of darkness of both spiritual and physical on the stake that was fore-sampled by the serpent on the stake made by Moshe.
    Yes, as much as any muslim would blindly condemn himself to hell by his/her suicidal actions, so am I more than willing to do so for the One with whom we have to do. I meant to state in my last letter that one of Anthony’s dream and visions showed the manner in which I am to part from this world. When he told me; I said to him that “I have already parted from this world, it’s just this body of flesh that is stopping me from fulfilling my desire”. He told me that “you will indeed part by an islamic decapitation”, I told him “I know, I have received that same vision from Ruach HaKodesh, bring it on”. (I had ones been a lobbyist against islamic infiltration into Australia, for which I received a death-threat on two occasions from members of the labor party caucus, until YHVH showed me in YESHA’YAHU 60;1-2 [1] ARISE, SHINE; FOR THY LIGHT IS COME, AND THE GLORY OF THE LORD IS RISEN UPON THEE. [2] FOR, BEHOLD, THE DARKNESS SHALL COVER THE EARTH, , (darkness of false religions), AND GROSS DARKNESS THE PEOPLE: (the gross darkness of people believing the lies of false religion, particularly islam, [leftism is more rife by the day]), but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his Glory shall be seen upon thee, that I am rather to pray for the end-time to come to pass as quickly and as painlessly as possible
    I don’t want to see myself as one who is righteous enough for dying for the King of Righteousness, (neither am I expecting 72 virgins, that would be a nightmare, [I’m flat-out with one, lol]), but I will if that’s my Father’s Holy Will for me.

  6. James Wood says:

    You are very welcome for your kind words about me posting what you have written. I am more than glad to…

    It only bolsters my case about Christianity’s disregard for the principles in Torah…

    The miracles you mention were performed by God to deliver Israel or to validate his prophets’ words or by prophets and/or righteous men that all adhered to the Torah (instruction/teachings) of Moses which you have low regard for. This is evidenced to me because you believe that the death of a man of flesh and blood can affect your forgiveness, a principle that unfortunately is absent in and contrary to the Torah.

    Can show me one place in the Torah, where God says in plain language that an anointed one will come and die in our place for our forgiveness of sins? You would think if it is the most important thing to know and believe then God would at least have mentioned it in passing…

    Please, don’t cry for me. Your time would be better spent by reading, accepting and following the easily understood Torah instead of the confusing and conflicted NT.

    As to you reading my book being,

    “equal to allowing you (me) into my house and defile it with a spirit of falsehood, deception and defilement.”

    Wouldn’t reading my blog be equal to that, also?

  7. YABE says:

    Give me time to thoroughly go through Torah and pick-out the appropriate passages.
    As for your answer: ” As to you reading my book being, “equal to allowing you (me) into my house and defile it with a spirit of falsehood, deception and defilement.”
    Wouldn’t reading my blog be equal to that, also?””
    your blog is in the public domain, to purchase your book would be to spend money inappropriately; and is seen as equal to allowing a false prophet into my house, it is of a false spirit. YABE

  8. YABE says:

    Whilst you are being gracious enough in giving me time to read through Torah, I ask you to be even more gracious in reading through ADAM & CHAVA and ENOCH. These Books have been left out by the religious hierarchy of Rome, Cyril excluded Revelation for example whereas Athanasius included Baruch as another example Following the toleration of the faith by Emperor Constantine, the Council of Rome decreed a 73 book Canon in 382 AD. This Canon was confirmed by subsequent Councils at Hippo, Carthage, Nicaea, Florence, Trent, Vatican I, Vatican II for example in the conference of Nicaea in 382 AD, they would have concluded that they are too direct, piercing their evil hearts and conscience and figured that it would too easily introduce the masses to the Master; and that was never in their agenda, THEY wanted the ruler-ship of the world in the satisfying of their narcissistic lust. I hate all evils of religion, the most religious entity of all is the satan himself. Always in the endeavour to keep YHVH separated from His people.
    If you don’t have any copies of ADAM & CHAVA and ENOCH; I’ll be happy to email them to you.


    • James Wood says:

      Tanach is enough for me… I have looked at many of these non-canonical books before and I am not interested in discussing them. If you would consider reading a FREE copy of my book I will email you a discount coupon.

      I Stand with the Jewish People and their canon.


  9. YABE says:

    Are chickening-out? Have you lost your noive? Surly; there is no blood-letting in discussions, or loosing your religious pride. It’s a shame, we could have been Brothers in all Blissful Eternity.
    Tell me, do you read Hebrew?

    • James Wood says:

      No, I am not chickening-out… It is that I have limited time… Writing my book and getting it to this stage took over a year… I cannot devote as much time as I would like to discussion on a personal level… I have kids to raise, a construction business to run and I am working on a second book. I started this blog to promote my book and it’s subject and really didn’t intend getting into long discussions that would consume too much time that I should be devoting to my family. At one time I had done just that and it almost resulted in my book not being written.

  10. YABE says:

    Oops, I meant to say; I also stand with the Jews, klal Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, “love ‘m to death”; if you will, a Messianic, born in South-East Asia, (Indonesia). I’m well accustomed to discussing Yeshua with my Jewish friends and whenever they think that I’m trying to convert them I have this one line; “it is not a matter between you and I, it a matter between YHVH and you, I just bring to you the testimony of my conversion”. I just ‘introduce’, it’s up to you whether you wish to shake hands with Him or not.

  11. YABE says:

    Shalom James,
    This is actually a reply to your note 29 March ’12 9:45pm which I wrote the day after and I’m only now sending it; and I don’t know why.
    Yes, family must always be the priority in one’s life, one’s quality time should be spent with one’s children; and I know you’re very busy with life and work, I am retired from a business of 38 years in the building restorations industry, I’ve taken part in restoring some of our city’s, (the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), oldest buildings to their former splendour, including a Heritage-listed Government building built in the 1800s.
    I’m therefore led to say that you need not reply to this letter.
    I’d like to start this with telling you a “testimony” of sort if that’s OK with you. Born in January ’47, Indonesia. At the age of three I contracted malaria and it became severe, so-much-so that the febricity brought on convulsions; followed by death. My body was dead for some four minutes. My father, (an MD who primarily prayed for his patients’ healing, particularly and mainly the natives that could not afford doctor’s fees, he also practiced herbal medicine with his own plantation), was called, came and revived my body, gave me some herbal concoction together with a sulpha mixture, (stinking sulpha which he took from the volcano Gunung, (Mount), Marapi, a volcano we lived close to; on its foothills, [it did; in fact erupt not long ago]).
    When I was leaving my body, the convulsions stopped, it was dead, I rose out of the building heading upward viewing the sugar-community township in mid-noon; bright sunshine. As I was heading higher I could see the archipelago of Indonesia consisting of tens of thousands of islands. I was aware of the fact that ALL my faculties were restored unto me because I had understanding of things then that I didn’t whilst on earth, ie, I know that I could name all of the islands of Indonesia if I was required to do so. I came to a point when I entered a dark space, (I know now that YHVH’s Word speaks of “the god of the air-cosmos”), and there were untold numbers of I now know to be demonic spirits, needless to say; they were ugly and I now note that whatever Hollywood produces in their “horror” films is no imagination, I recognise everyone of them, I’ve seen them all before. As I proceeded onward; those forces began to snarl, snikker, laugh me to scorn, mocking me and coming closer to attack me. As they came to within a certain distance from me; I could hear what I now know to be the “STILL SMALL VOICE” of Ruach HaKodesh, (Holy Spirit), 1st Kings 19;11-18. This voice was speaking to me not in an articulated language, it is what I can only describe as a ‘spiritual language’, (not ESP), a soft-gentle; yet commanding voice ordering me to have no fear, notice; it is an ‘order’, not a suggestion. I was obedient to that command and because of my obedience fear had no place in me and because fear had no place in me; and those demons knew it, (I suppose it’s much like a dog that can smell fear), they spread a path for me to pass through, still trying to put fear into me, snarling, laughing me to scorn, etc while allowing me passage. I was not in a “tunnel”; as such, as many do experience; and I did not see a light at the end of that tunnel; I just saw a Glorious Galaxy of light in all conceivable colours of unimaginable and in describable brightness, colours in which NO black is mixed, by ‘n by I was dragged back to my body. Herewith, I must aver that I have been in and seen Eternity, its Glory, heard its sounds, tasted it, smelled the odours of the Supreme Creator, (and when I was dragged back to earth I noticed the stench of decay and rotting continuum et infinitum, every thing is decaying constantly, fungus everywhere, even in colder climates like Europe; where I lived for nine years.
    With this; I simply wanted to bring you to the awareness of that beloved “STILL SMALL VOICE”. HE is a voice of guiding, leading, it’s NOT a voice of the conscience, that is a different voice, I hear that one every day, whenever I ‘stuff-up’, (in Australian vernacular). Yehushua said “I know them that are mine and mine know me and know and hear MY voice.
    Having said all this, whilst searching for Scriptural references showing Yeshua in Torah/Tanakh, the beloved STILL SMALL VOICE speaks and ordered me to Google “Jesus in the OT”; and bingo it is saving me a lot of hard yakka. YHVH has a great deal for me to do other than what I was doing so He got me to do what He commanded. I’m also informed that you are familiar with this website and the name of this person; but I’m just doing what I’m told. I know you are reluctant to do what I’ve asked you to do; but it is interesting stuff anyway.
    The address Is: (click ‘Yeshua in the Tanahk’ tab),
    the author is: Arthur E. Glass, it is just a short article but with a punch of truth.

    I shall be going away for a while, I don’t know how long, as I said I’m retired; and I’m trying to do just that; but people are still insisting me be part of their projects so I’m just there on a consultancy basis.

    PS This I must say to you: I’m a believer; but not in the traditional so-called “mainstream christianity” garbage, in fact; I hate the evils of religion, the bloodshed it has caused throughout History; and all that for power and greed. Rather I’m a believer the True sense just as the Apostles believed, I’m a Torah Law and Shabbat observer, YHVH’s Laws and precepts MUST be adhered to and obeyed. As an ex-RC I’ve renounced that traditional religious garbage.

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  16. I will pray for your soul. You are misled and intend on misleading others to damnation? Leave Yeshua and you leave eternal life. You are an abomination!!!

    • James Wood says:

      Thank you for your “kind Christian words”…

      • Re says:

        Kind indeed… My wife called me an apostate and heretic when I told her I did not believe in Jesus… I almost feel better…

        I have not read your book, but I must admit that every time they pray to jesus, I see a big idol in the sky. Well…

        G-d Bless


  17. James, I am a Jew. I am really delighted that you have turned to the Creator. Thank you and G-d bless you and your family.

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