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Lo Tosiphu – You shall not add

Twice in God’s Law it is stated that God’s Law is not to be added to or taken away from. In Deuteronomy 4 and 13 (according to the Jewish verse numbering), this principle is given.

It has oft been an accusation of christians against Jews that Jews have added to God’s word with their tradition. For now, I’ll set aside the fact that this accusation is based on ignorance of what these traditions are and what Torah is to these Jews. Let’s set that aside and just take the accusation. The accusation is that the Jews have added to God’s word.

Let’s take a look at what christians have done to God’s Law, of which he commands no addition or subtraction.

The Law is clear on what exactly should be slaughtered as an offering to God. It never commands the death of a man for any sin in a sacrificial sense. Yet what do christians teach? That a man died for their sins! So essentially, the Torah commands no such thing, but the followers of Jesus added the concept of a human sacrifice and the necessity of having faith in his death, accepting it as a sacrifice. Seems like an addition to Torah to me.

The Law of God and the Hebrew prophets are clear: The Levitical and Aaronic priesthood are everlasting, forever (Exodus 40:15; Numbers 18:19 see context; Jeremiah 33:18). Yet the christian testament book of Hebrews states that the priesthood has changed and that there is a change in the Law. It overtly says so in Hebrews 7:22. It even comes right out and says that this divine and everlasting law is abolished (Hebrews 7:18)!!! So the christian bible removes the priests of Levi and adds some “priesthood of MalkiTzedeq.” It should be noted that the Law of God gives no commandment about that priesthood. This “priesthood” has absolutely nothing to do with sacrifices according to the Jewish Bible. So it is seen that from their book of faith christians remove (the Levitical priesthood) and add (a foreign[er’s] priesthood) from God’s Law!

Now even at this point, a Jew who is faithful to God’s Torah and one from the nations of the world who thinks consistently should already have written off the christian testament as unfit for consumption. Such people should look on the Jesus (yes, I said “the Jesus”) and feels sentiments that correspond to the phrase “not on your bloody life!” (That means “no way!” Or “hell, no!”) Why? Because the new testament has added and taken away from God’s law! On that basis alone, it’s credibility is shot to pieces.

But that is not all.

God’s Law commands animal sacrifices when the Temple is standing. Portions of Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers goes through the commands about sacrifices. They continued to be offered for thirty years after Jesus died. There have been times before that, during the Babylonian exile, where sacrifices couldn’t be offered because of the practical fact that there was no Temple available. Yet prophets like Ezekiel predicted a future third temple, a time where animal sacrifices would once again be offered (even by the Davidic prince/ruler) as do other prophets (Ezekiel 37-48; Zechariah 14:16-21). Even offerings for sin and for atonement will be offered (Ezekiel 45:15,17,25). So it’s plain that God commanded animal sacrifices. It should also be understood that by performing these rites in the proper manner and spirit, God’s Law states that people could gain atonement and forgiveness (a few examples, Leviticus 1:5; 4:20).

But then here comes the anonymous writer of the christian testament book of Hebrew. In chapter 10, verses 4 and 11, the writer makes the repeated claim that animal sacrifices couldn’t take away sin, which conflicts with what God’s word in Leviticus says. In verse 18 of the same chapter the writer claims that there will be no more offering for sins, which conflicts with the prophecies of Ezekiel that he received from God.

In fact, when I think about it, the book of Hebrews says the total inverse, the total reverse of what God’s Law says. The writer of the book of Hebrews claims that a man’s death can atone for sin but the sacrificial rites of the God’s law could not. Yet the Torah states the opposite: that the sacrificial rites in God’s law atones for sin and grants forgiveness, but no such ability is given to the blood or death of a man. This is another example of the christian testament chopping and changing, removing and adding new bits when it comes to God’s word, the foundational revelation that he gave to Moses.

Now this isn’t going to be an exhaustive and lengthy post that goes through all the times that the christian testament adds and takes away from the foundational revelation God gave to Moses and to Israel. But something should be apparent. God’s foundation revelation to Moses and Israel, the Law, the measuring stick for any other revelation, it states that you should not add or take away from his commandments. The christian testament comes right out and abolishes a divine law, even one that says it’s everlasting, adds conditions for righteousness in stating that a person must accept the validity of a human sacrifice, something as illegal in Torah as setting a pig on the altar and slaughtering it there. In fact you may as well go to a Torah-faithful person and tell them to believe in and accept a pig sacrifice on the Temple floor (or even on its altar) is an atonement for sin. Thinking that the death of Jesus is somehow a valid offering has exactly the same value when it comes to validity!

A christian quoted his testament, where it has Jesus saying, “If you believed Moses, you would believed me.” It seems the total opposite is true: if a person truly accepts the written word of Moses, as well as the words of the prophets that followed him, they would throw Jesus, his claims and those of his followers into the garbage.

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From idolatry to idolatry – Worship of the Meatsack

In light of the fact that christianity is in fact Jesus worship rather than the acceptance of some messiah figure which is only the surface of deeper studies and conclusions about the Jewish Bible, it becomes understandable what happens to a significant amount of christians when they lose faith. These christians, upon realising the failure that Jesus is, don’t do the proper next logical step, and see that the so-called “Old Testament” needed no “New Testament”, that God stands fine on His own, without a floppy meatsack to share his glory. No, these christians were devotees to Jesus, not to the Torah, not to the Jewish Bible. And once their foundation in Jesus is gone, everything goes with it. They fall into agnosticism (actually, this is just practical atheism, but let’s just pretend that this exists as a real option), deism or atheism. Once there is no Jesus, there is no God for such people.

But this isn’t a totally accurate picture that I’m painting here. I made it appear as if without Jesus, there is no God or god. But that’s not exactly true. You see, these christians were deeply in love with a man, devoted to his physicality and pains. They were infatuated with a god made in their own image. By moving the agnosticism, deism and atheism, where do you think they get their information from now? What is the foundation of their worldview now? Who do they turn to for information about the nature of man, the nature of the universe, their own sense of meaning? If it isn’t something divine, then the only intelligence left is that of other humans. Now the naturalistic scientist, the godless archaelogist and the secular disciplines founded on the philosophy of primacy of the human intellect bereft of any reference to a real divine entity, these things become their friend, their everything, their “all in all.”

But what is this except a redefinition of their initial belief? They put their devotion in one man and it failed. So they then put their faith in humanity. They go from flesh to flesh. They relied on a dude, and now they rely on dudes, except now all they have is meatsack mentality. Just think about it! The infinitesimally small nothingness that happens to be on some rock, sharing space with some other rocks and an unimportant candle destined to be blown out, in the midst of other unimportant candles, and that is it. And some infinitesimal meatsack with some solidified stupidly cobbled together slop in the head makes some announcement on TV, or in a textbook, or journal that NOW some discovery changes the way that stupid-slop fizzes, as if it somehow changes the nature of the universe, or the unimportance of the meatsacks (I won’t mention the many other times the brain-slop has fizzed differently in the past, only to be “corrected” [LOLOLOLOLOL! – “corrected”]). One of the main constants in the universe is that everything ends. So … well, knowing this, there isn’t that much to “meatsack-ism”.

That is what can happen and does happen too often when a person worships an idol, the image or idea of a man: the idolatry doesn’t really change in nature, just in effect. That’s why it is so important to shrug off idolatry and find the truth! And you won’t find truth in “agnosticism,” deism or atheism … which are just other terms for meatsack-ism.

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It’s not about the prophecies

For too many christians out there, they are not christians because they were convinced by the messianic prophecies in the Jewish Bible. It’s not because they got to know the God who revealed Himself to Moses by an in-depth study of Torah which inevitably led them to becoming a christian. It’s not because they had previously been following the laws in the Law of God that He gave to Moses and found it too burdensome so they became christians. It has nothing to do with the Jewish Bible.

Rather it’s because they got hooked on the life, pain and death of a man, a human being. They simply love their idea of Jesus the man. And that love, that devotion turns Jesus into an impossible and contradictory thing. He is both a priest that offers sin offerings and a Davidic king, even though such a notion goes against what scripture says. For many, he is both a limited human and the infinite God, despite the fact that this notion goes against what God said about Himself in the Jewish Bible and against reality itself. It’s why he is a literal human sacrifice, little different in action to pushing a young virgin girl into a volcano to appease an angry mountain god, a human sacrifice which is illegal according to God’s Law. That’s because the most important thing for christians is not what the foundational Torah, the Law of God that He gave to Moses, what the Jewish Bible has to say.

Christianity, despite its name, is not a religion about the messiah. It’s a religion devoted to Jesus worship. That’s another reason why idolatry is at its core. That is why it is an idolatrous religion. That is why it could justifiably be said that it has led so many to worship a god other than the Creator of all.

Inspired by rabbi Tovia Singer.

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Simple Truth: Their mouths are filled with the praise of someone else

I don’t want to make this a long post because I think this is a simple fact.

The mouths of so many christians are filled with the praise of Jesus. Their songs are about him. The words are about him. So much of their teaching is about him. So many christians know their “new testament” much better than the old one. I remember, after having left the notion of Jesus being messiah, going through the song book of my old church, trying to pick out a song that focused on the identity they know as “the Father,” the one who they believe sent their messiah-figure. Out of maybe 400 songs, there were probably only two or three where “God the Father” was the main emphasis.

Think about the way so many of them pray; they need to end their prayers with “in the name of Jesus.” I remember, with pain, hearing so many prayers directed to Jesus, or with the person praying swapping between Jesus and God as they pray. “Oh Jesus, in your name I’m praying …. And God, please make a way! And we call on your name …” It’s like a confusion! No, it is confusion. Whether they pray to Jesus, or think they have to pray through Jesus to get to God, it has diluted the pure worship spoken of in the Jewish Bible. Where the Psalmist says that God is near to all who all up on Him in truth, the christian interjects and says no one can come to the Father unless there’s a middle man.

In the Jewish Bible, the person who revered God didn’t need a priest or a prophet to call on God. In the christian testament, and in the lives of its devotees, some other person is inextricably attached to the worshipper to get any communication with God.

What makes much of christianity idolatry is their praise of someone other than God: a man. What makes much of christianity idolatry is their emphasis and focus on the Jesus-character and not on the person who they claim is the one who sent him. God commanded Israel, “You shall have no other god in front of me.” Yet christianity puts the man Jesus between themselves and God in their devotion, worship and prayer. Their so-called “mediator” becomes the divider.

Someone once said that christianity was a great stumbling block, causing so much of the world to err in serving a god other than the true God, the Creator. That person’s words have been justified.

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Adding stipulations: Perfect mercy for infinite sins

I’ve seen it claimed by christians that in order for mankind to get perfect atonement or perfect mercy from God, a perfect (sinless) man had to die in our place. There are variations to this, such as the notion that the debt of sin that man “owed” was infinite so it needs something infinite to pay the price, therefore it could only be God Himself who pays the price. Christians and those they persuade will say that this makes sense.

But there’s one crucial and fundamental mistake with this argument: it’s not in the Jewish Bible! It’s not in their “old testament.” In other words, God never said it.

If God is the one who makes the rules of engagement between us and him, and those rules are in the Jewish Bible, then it should at least strike someone as being odd that this logic has no reference in the Jewish Bible, in His words.

Now although christians can point to a few out of context verses that state the relationship between death and atonement, there is nothing that talks about some infinite sin or infinite debt or perfect mercy or perfect atonement. I don’t even think there is a place in the Torah that overtly, in the text, relates the type of sins that require animal sacrifices to “debt.” As had been said in previous articles, there is no place in the text of the Laws of Moses that show that the death of one human, however supposedly perfect, can be a valid sacrifice for the sins of another individual, much less the sins of the entirety of humanity at least for the past 2000 years. There is nothing that states that an execution can be a valid sacrifice. In essence, there is no place in the text of the Jewish Bible that states anything like “perfect mercy demands a perfect death.”

Of course, some christians will claim that this is just the normal “measure for measure” or “equal measures” principle that is stated in the Jewish Bible. The problem with this claim is that the actual terms of this supposed “equal measures” transaction are fictions made up in the minds of Jesus-followers and acolytes of Paul, the conman of Tarsus. The Jewish Bible says nothing about an infinite debt of sin. The Jewish Bible never speaks of a perfect mercy. The Jewish Bible, God’s word is wholly silent on the concept of a perfect man without sin, or that the death of such a creature would be suitable payment for sins he is not responsible for. There is nothing said about how the sins of the entirety of the generations of the human race at least for the past 2000 years would be conferred upon him without their knowledge or consent (something that is present in the real sacrifices done in the Jewish Bible).

In fact, for many of these details, if not all of them, the Jewish Bible and the laws of Moses that God gave him for Israel seems to say the complete opposite, fundamentally undermining and undercutting this innovative argument of christians. A person pays the price for their own sins; no human is perfect; the righteous can’t die for the wicked; etc. In fact, God’s prophets said that it is departing from evil and doing good and returning to God that gains forgiveness, and this is so because God’s ways and thoughts are not like ours (Isaiah 55:6-9). And there are other places that reflect these same sentiments.

So it should be made plain that the “logical” argument of christians that somehow our sins could only be atoned for using the execution of a perfect person is not what God says, neither does it reflect his thoughts, neither is it present in God’s words in the Jewish Bible.

The concept of “perfect mercy demands a perfect sacrifice” has no place in God’s word, in the Jewish Bible. It’s just a fiction.

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Simple Truth: Jesus is not the Messiah

From wil’Liam Hall (with adaptations by me)

jesus: It’s not about opinions or emotions. It’s about the FACTS:

FACT: “Christ” is the Greek word for “Messiah”
FACT: “Messiah” is the transliteration of a Hebrew word that means “anointed”
FACT: For a person who is to be king or priest to be called by that special word for “anointed”, oil must be poured on that person by a Priest or Prophet.
FACT: jesus was never anointed by a Priest or by a Prophet.
FACT: Being that jesus was never anointed with oil by a Priest or Prophet, he cannot rightfully be called “Christ/Messiah/Anointed”

FACT: jesus is “not” the Messiah.

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