My Story

I am a follower of YHVH. He is my life and my strength.


If you are a Christian then you must understand that I once believed as you do now. I had been a Christian for 30 years and until I started learning Hebrew I had never seriously questioned my beliefs.

I was the son of a ordained Southern Baptist Minister and was seriously committed to Christ. I witnessed to unbelievers and constantly studied the New Testament even taking a year of Greek. I had ignored the entire Tanach*.

When I started studying Hebrew and became involved with Messianic Judaism my world fell apart! After five years of study and much prayer I discovered that Christianity was not YHVH’s plan for mankind.

My Story in Audio

* Christians call the Tanach the “Old Testament”

11 Responses to My Story

  1. pierre says:

    jesus is the truth. God bless you

    • Avi Kraft says:

      there is so much overwhelming evidence that xtianity is a web of lies and pagan idol idol worship but most xtiams are led by blind faith and blind faith is for the spiritually blind. Truth and faith must be based on true knowledge and concrete evidence not on castles made of sand. Wake up and realied that you and billions of others have been deceived by the greatest hoax ever invented

  2. James Morgan says:

    Two years ago I would have argued like crazy defending “Geezues”, a year ago I would have argued that his real name was Yeshua. For the last 3 months I would absolutely agree with you 100%. When we take a good, hard look at the actual scripture (Tanach) the conclusion is that there is no way that the New Testament and its theology is of God’s doing. It is full of inconsistency, mis-quotes, and extremely poor context; none of which stands up to the test. When finally discovering the truth, it was just like when I discovered Santa Clause was fake…I was broken, confused, and angry. Thank you for the courage to write this book.

  3. rachav7 says:

    As a former Xtian for 30 years I can say that finally finding the True God, was a great release. No more fear religion. Where we were all on the brink of hell constantly. The only thing that beats xtian guilt is a Jewish mother’s guilt trips on her children. LOL Fortunately she isn’t sending them to hell. I discovered the Noahide Laws back in the mid 80’s but it took me some time to finally leave the Church forever. I had my feet in both paths for some time before I realized I had to make a decision, and I chose Judaism, for me the Noahide Laws. This is my website. It is now an historical document site since Geocities closed down. My Noahide discussion group is here.

  4. Our search took us much deeper and much further, dear brother. That’s why we have two challenges. A $25,000 for Christians here —
    And one for Atheists here —

    You are absolutely correct about the Christendom that you came out of — by the way.


  5. Faniswayo Mdluli says:

    Don’t worry its a phase its part of your journey

  6. rachav7 says:

    I woke up to the Jesus lie many years go. I turned to a learned Jewish Torah Scholar and he made me aware of the Noahide Laws. I have followed this path happily every since. I later put up a website with information about the Noahide Laws. Yahoo cancelled the website, but some people put up two mirror sites of my web pages. &

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