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There is a difference and there are consequences

I had my first experience listening to a guy called E. Michael Jones today. I’m not gonna go into the labels they put on him. I don’t really care. He’s a stranger with an opinion. There’s not much to invest … Continue reading

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His own rejected him … and it makes sense that they would

He came to his own, and his own didn’t accept him (John 1:11) Jesus came to the Jews, and, apparently, the Jews, for the most, did not accept him, but rejected him, as the majority have done throughout history. Now … Continue reading

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It isn’t just nonsense; it’s dead wrong

There are doctrines amongst christians that just violate reality. One is the notion that Jesus was and is fully divine but also that the Father, a different entity, is also divine. In other words, here are the tenets contained in … Continue reading

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