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Seeing “Yeshua” in the Jewish Bible – Part 2

Someone called “Samuel Eben” sent me this response to my previous article called “Seeing ‘Yeshua’ in the Jewish Bible.” Because it so adequately gives an example of the mindset exemplified by such people, I’m going to quote it in full … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a liar, but Jesus is true – Sometimes just say “no”

So the dude that didn’t like my opinion on Isaiah 49 developed a dislike for me enough to call me liar and a deceiver and made some nasty insinuations about the Jewish translators of the Bible that translated it differently … Continue reading

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Seeing “Yeshua” in the Jewish Bible

So recently someone, a christian, tried to respond to an article I has written a long time ago about Isaiah 49. He claimed that he saw the name “Yeshua” in the text which led him to accept him as Messiah. … Continue reading

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A simple refutation to the notion that Jesus was the promised king and anointed one

So this came to my mind yesterday but I thought I’d think about it a bit before I type it out. I’ve come to the conclusion that with regards to the claim that Jesus is the special king foretold about … Continue reading

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A simple refutation of the notion that Jesus was/is God

Now this refutation may be so simple that it may go over (or under) the heads of many. But I personally believe that if a person truly takes in the wording of this refutation, then it may be possible for … Continue reading

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You can’t be worthy

After a teaching on Psalm 15, on who to be righteous, the christian speaker that followed, although praising the quality of the teaching, felt the need to state how such a teaching shows him how unworthy he is and how … Continue reading

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