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  1. Jesse says:

    Dear James / Leaving Jesus,

    Hello! My name is Jesse and I saw your book – Leaving Jesus at Createspace. I was just posting some info on the promotion board about my own book that I just completed. My book is for young adults – it’s a fantasy and not religious in nature. I started reading a little about your book and visited your site and I must say I’m thoroughly… confused. I mean, I know Jews don’t believe that Jesus was / is the Messiah, but I got bogged down in some of your interpretation. I am a Christian myself. I come from a Jewish background – my grandfather was a Jew. His last name was Ginsberg – which he changed to Gainsbrugh upon entering America. So I’m Jesse Gainsbrugh. Anyway, I like I wrote before, I am a Christian and I was just trying to figure out what your view actually was in your book. The title “Leaving Jesus” is certainly attention grabbing. But… as far as I know, even Jews who don’t believe that Jesus was the Chosen One or Messiah, still believe that he was a good prophet; just like Muslims include Jesus as a good teacher, along with other holy men. The point I’m trying to get at is that even if you don’t want to believe in Jesus as the Christ, I don’t think it would be a good idea to “Leave” Him. Jesus called himself the Son of God. He supposedly performed a great many miracles, so… either he was a great man or he was a liar. If you’re interested in “Leaving” him, are you saying he’s a liar? I don’t mean to sound confrontational at all. I am just another religious person trying to discover the truth from lies. I believe the whole New Testament, so that could definitely make us not see eye to eye. But Jews would say…and Jesus would say We are all brothers and sisters in God. 🙂

    If you’d like to write me and maybe explain a little, I’d be glad to hear some of your views.

    God Bless, Jesse Gainsbrugh

    • James Wood says:


      The premise of the book is that I was raised in a home that became Christian. At the age of 6, my parents started believing in Jesus. We didn’t know we were of Jewish heritage. We found out later that we had Jewish blood in our ancestry and began to look at the “Jewish roots” of Christianity. When I became involved in the Messianic Jewish movement I started seeing the problems with “the belief in Jesus.”

      I left the Messianic movement in 2002 and started trying to piece things together. My book explains many of the things I discovered. I give detailed explanations in the book of these things.

      Christianity and the New Testament provide “evidence” that Jesus was the Messiah but their understanding of the Messiah’s role is far from being anything that relates to the Tanach’s (Genesis -Malachi) understanding and presentation.

      I left Jesus because he does not match any picture that God’s Word paints of what a messiah is. The New Testament’s understanding of the entire concept is wrong.

      Your understanding of how observant Jews view Jesus is incorrect. They do not view Jesus as a prophet (what did he write down? and even his recorded prophecies didn’t come to pass!) or the son of God. If they view him through foggy lens of the New Testament they certainly wouldn’t view him as a good teacher.

      The New Testament’s non-linear progression presents a contorted view of this man, Jesus. The first gospel, the original Mark, does not present Jesus as being God and ends at verse 8 of chapter 16. This leaves out any resurrection appearances or ascension. The remainder of the New Testament goes on to conclude in John’s writing that Jesus was God and did rise from the dead.

      To tell you the truth I don’t know if Jesus was a liar or others lied about him. The sheer lack of contemporary historical evidence penned during his lifetime bears witness to fact that he was not a worker of great miracles. Besides, God himself indicates in the Torah that there would be prophets that would come and perform miracles but that was not proof that he had sent them. I discuss this fully in my book.

      What are we to believe? The serious study of the NT has revealed to me that it is a jumbled up mixture of pagan beliefs and Greek thought. Paul’s writings are no help. He gets so far off track from God’s revelation to the Jews that he actually states that women are “saved” through bearing children. I urge you to read my entire book which is available as an ebook here on this blog… Feel free to post specific questions here or email me at .

      James Wood Jr.

  2. “They do not view Jesus as a prophet (what did he write down? and even his recorded prophecies didn’t come to pass!) or the son of God. If they view him through foggy lens of the New Testament they certainly wouldn’t view him as a good teacher.”

    So the great Elijah was not a prophet because he left no book?
    All of the recorded prophecies of Jesus have come to pass.

    Only the rapture is yet to come.

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