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More Servant Stupidities – Part 2

OK, back to Servant Stupidities. Last time we looked at how the “Servant of God” reveals the polytheism of “the groupers”, christians that claim that God is a group in one form or another, whether they claim God is three … Continue reading

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More “Servant” Stupidities – Part 1

Last time in “servant” stupidities, I noted how the concept of God is the exact opposite of the notion of a servant. So saying that the servant of God is God is an utter contradiction. This time on “Servant Stupidities”, … Continue reading

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“Jesus Christ” – a claim, not just a name

When a person refers the christian object of devotion, the centre of their belief system, as “Jesus Christ”, they are not just calling a name. The phrase, “Jesus Christ”, is a claim. Although the word “Jesus” is a bastardization of … Continue reading

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