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I can’t say that I remember the young man I was 18 years ago, the time when I started that irreversible journey of looking through the Jewish Bible to check out all the supposed messianic prophecies that some had said … Continue reading

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Back to basics – The simple reasons for rejecting Jesus as Messiah

Been on this road for some time now. Writing, thinking, writing, thinking, reading, thinking, writing, reading, thinking, on and on. I thought to myself that there’s no harm in look at the basics of the reasons for rejecting Jesus as … Continue reading

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From Corona to Jesus

I’ve been bombarded by the so-called “virus” story almost non-stop for some time now. I’ve been bombarding myself as well, so … But seeing the cult arise, the Covidian cult, it’s hard not to see the parallels with my experience … Continue reading

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There is a difference and there are consequences

I had my first experience listening to a guy called E. Michael Jones today. I’m not gonna go into the labels they put on him. I don’t really care. He’s a stranger with an opinion. There’s not much to invest … Continue reading

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His own rejected him … and it makes sense that they would

He came to his own, and his own didn’t accept him (John 1:11) Jesus came to the Jews, and, apparently, the Jews, for the most, did not accept him, but rejected him, as the majority have done throughout history. Now … Continue reading

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The RootSearcher’s take on Isaiah 53

A constant and consistent friend to this site, named Searchinmyroots, made some wonderful points about Isaiah 53 which I will now share. I made a few additions, if Searchinmyroots doesn’t mind. ——— Here’s my response. Christianity teaches Jesus died for … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53: A total change

Someone, some stranger, decided to challenge me about Isaiah 53, claiming that he has irrefutable logic which showed that Isaiah 53 could only be talking about “Yeshua,” claiming that it was only if I had mastered logic and reason that … Continue reading

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No sacrifice for sin

There is a chance that somebody is going to approach me and asked why I reject Jesus as the Messiah. So I’ve been going through some thoughts in my mind, considering why I continue to reject the faith of my … Continue reading

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I can’t turn back

I was listening to a debate between a rabbi and a christian and during that debate, it re-emphasised to me a reason why I don’t think I’ll ever return to christianity, why I’ll never accept Jesus again. As long as … Continue reading

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Simple truth: The central claim is baseless

Not sure if I’ve said this before, but even if I have said it before, there’s no harm in repeating it. One of the central claims of the christian is that Jesus is the messiah who died for our sins … Continue reading

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