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The one who testifies to these things says, “Definitely, I’m coming quickly.” Amen. Definitely, come, Lord Jesus! (Revelations 22:20) If there was one thing that undermined the writer of the book of Revelations, it is this short verse. The fact … Continue reading

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His own rejected him … and it makes sense that they would

He came to his own, and his own didn’t accept him (John 1:11) Jesus came to the Jews, and, apparently, the Jews, for the most, did not accept him, but rejected him, as the majority have done throughout history. Now … Continue reading

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“A bone of his shall not be broken” Where did you get that from, John?

So, out of nowhere, a comment arrives on this blog. It seems directed to James Wood, the author of Leaving Jesus, expressing that he was negligent and didn’t look hard enough when he challenged the author of the fourth gospel … Continue reading

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He started it wrong

In the beginning of God’s creating the sky and land… In the beginning God created the sky and land. That’s the way the true Bible begins. It begins by telling us that the universe began, and its very basis was … Continue reading

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