According to Trinitarian doctrine, Jesus was not a human being!!!

Forgive me for checking myself! Why am I demanding forgiveness from strangers to whom I’ve done nothing? I take it back.

I saw an article linked to one of mine. It was an article in which a guy tries to explain why he’s a Jesus-follower. I thought I’d at least see if it had any strong points. As you may guess, it did absolutely nothing to attract me to the Nazarene. But he did say something that caught my eye. I’ll quote him.

Jesus enters the picture. He is God himself in the flesh. He is 100% God and 100% man. As a man he was tempted in every way we are, yet he never sinned. Therefore, he was the perfect human being.

I just want you to read that a number of times and think about not just the words, but the implications of each part. For me personally, when I looked at it and thought about it, I realised that there was a complete contradiction in it that showed me that the trinitarian Jesus, the “divine Jesus,” cannot be a human being.

“But, writer, the dude just finished his point by saying Jesus was a perfect human being.”

I know this. But everything he said before shows that Jesus who they claim to be true, if he was the entity as described, could not be a human being.

How so?

First, let me tell you what the Bible says about humanity. It says that we are made of dust, a material being with the breath of God to give us life. But, as God said in Bereshis (Genesis 3), dust we are and to dust we shall return. One of the songs in the book of Tehillim (Psalms) enforces this message saying that God knows our frame, what we’re made of and our limits, that we are merely dust. We know from experience the limitations that come with our form. Limits in knowledge, strength, placement, we are essentially limited. And in our ignorance, we make mistakes and disobey God’s law. As Qoheles (Ecclesiastes) teaches, there is not a good man on the earth that has never made a mistake. That teaches that there are good people, but everyone, every human, makes mistakes.

I’m not going to get long-winded about this. I’ll just say that a human being is 100% human, through and through. Purely and simply human.

Can you see the problem yet?

I think of the fears about the implications of what the covid injections do to human nature. There are people that say that companies cannot patent natural things, like plants. But once the genetic sequence is altered, the company can own that new altered life. Since the covid injections are said to work by putting genetic sequences into the human cell to make it do something unnatural, generate a toxin called “the spike protein,” and there is a possibility that that genetic sequence can go into the alleged nucleus and change that genetic structure, it would make a person less human, and more a product of the genetic manipulators. The AstraZeneca and J&J shots are said to actually put genetic information into the alleged nucleus of a cell, while there are questions about Pfizer and Moderna, since, according to certain understandings, there is potential for a cell to take up that genetic information into the nucleus as well.

The main point is that simply by altering human DNA a bit, the question can be asked whether that person is fully or still human. And that’s just by means of a minute physical particle or the administration of a small amount of substance.

Then comes Jesus who trinitarians and “divine Jesus” believers claim is 100% God/divine and 100% human. This isn’t merely a prophet, a human being who comes under God’s influence every now and again, or Moses who talked to God but always remained human. Jesus is said to have two natures, divine and human combined in such a way that 100% plus 100% doesn’t become 200% because that would imply separation, still two beings. This is 100% plus 100% becoming inseparably one thing. But this thing is no longer or can never be just human, like you and me. You and I are simply human. Jesus, according to their doctrine, is … is … to be blunt, he’s a hybrid monstrosity.

And understand, I have have not even begun to talk about how God has revealed himself in the Jewish Bible and how that obliterates the idea of this unholy combination. Just the simply fact that Adam, Moses, Noah, Abshalom, Jonathan, Lincoln, Gandhi, the customer service employee at any business, you and I are simply human, 100% human through and through, but Jesus, according to the “divine Jesus” teaching, was something else because of his dual natures, just that simply fact makes him inhuman, non-human. You can say “superhuman” or “metahuman” or whatever, but he was not a human being in that doctrine.

Just to summarise, by saying that Jesus was 100% man and 100% God means Jesus was not a human being, even without going into the nature of God. Yes, that is in spite of the guy’s conclusion. And it also means that his statement is a contradiction. To say in one breath, “Jesus was both God and man combined” and “Jesus was a perfect human being” when a human being is not the combination of God and man, but is simply a man, is a contradiction.

Does that makes sense?

I may have to touch slightly on God’s self-revelation.

The way that, in logic, or reasoning, or even just in experience, that the law of identity and the law of non-contradiction works, is that each entity or class of entity has certain characteristics that make it what it is, and also makes it not another thing. A tree has certain characteristics that distinguish it from being something else, like a cat or a cloud or a teacup. In the same way, a human being has certain characteristics that distinguish it from other entities. One such characteristic is that it only has human nature. One part of that nature is limitation, temporal and spatial limitation. A human is limited to only being in one place at one time, trapped and controlled by such entities as time and space.

God however created time and space and therefore cannot be, by nature, limited spatially or temporally.

Hence I believe it can be clearly shown that human nature is but one thing, limited in certain ways by nature. But God-nature is not that thing, not limited in those ways by nature. Therefore one being cannot both be limited and not limited in the same way, which Jesus would have be in order to be 100% God (unlimited) and 100% man (limited).

So again, to conclude in a way, the divine Jesus is not a human (humans aren’t God).

As a little aside, let me point out something else the guy said in the same quote to show that even flipping the coin ends up the same way. He said “Jesus was tempted in every way we humans are.” This leads to a logical contradiction and, for christians, additionally a “biblical” contradiction. Logically, since God owns absolutely everything he creates and he is not bound by desires or lack, he cannot be tempted. For christians, the book of James, chapter 1, clearly says that “God cannot be tempted” (James 1:13). Hence, if Jesus was tempted every way a human is, then he cannot be God since God cannot be tempted.

I already know the attempted get-out clause “divine Jesus” believers claims. “It was only the human side of Jesus that was tempted.” Unfortunately that can’t work because, since you must have 100% (God) and 100% (man) become inseparably 100% (one entity and not two separate entities), that means that what was experienced by the humanity must have also been experienced by the “deity,” no separation allowed. Hence, the single entity was tempted. But since God cannot be tempted, and Jesus was tempted, Jesus cannot be God.

Interesting. To start with the claim that Jesus was 100% man and 100% God, and end up with the nature of man meaning that he cannot be a man, and because of the nature of God, he cannot be God, that can only mean that Jesus was nothing. And since the nature of man and the nature of God are opposites in many ways, then that’s a contradiction that cannot exist. So either way, the “divine Jesus” belief leaves me with a great big NOTHING.

I’ll go to sleep now.

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I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I could call myself a singer and a songwriter ... And that would be accurate. What else is there?
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4 Responses to According to Trinitarian doctrine, Jesus was not a human being!!!

  1. Scott Cahan says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful article, hesedyahu. I read it in it’s entirety and I’m honored to be quoted in it. I understand your disagreement with what I’ve stated about the triune nature of God. Specifically, you don’t see how God can have a divine nature and a human nature at the same time. That is a difficult concept to wrap one’s brain around. I can’t honestly say I fully grasp it either, but I don’t feel like I have to. I’m not going to try to explain it further because all explanations fall short. All I can say is the Bible clearly refers to Jesus as both God and man. Therefore, I believe it. There is much about God’s nature that I can’t explain but that doesn’t stop me from believing in him. I’m all for trying to understand God on an intellectual basis but human logic will never fully grasp the full picture. But he has given us enough revelation in his holy scriptures to know that he is real and trustworthy. At some point we all have to decide whether we will put our trust in him and take him at his word, or not. I have made the decision to believe in him even though there are certain aspects about God’s nature that I can’t fully grasp. You, on the other hand, believed at one time but there came a point in your life where you decided you will no longer put your trust in the God of Christianity. That is your choice, and I respect that. I have. no desire to argue or debate on a subject like the triune nature of God. If you have honest questions about other parts of Christian doctrine, I’d be glad to address them.
    However, I’d like to make one final point, mostly for other readers who might look at my response to you and come away with the wrong conclusion. To those readers, I’d like to make it clear that I’m NOT saying we can both be right about this subject even though our views are in conflict with each other. Truth is not relative. In other words, a fact cannot be true for one person but then the opposite be true for the next person. If something is true, then it remains true even if we don’t agree with it. Our opinion does not change truth. So, what I’m saying is either Leaving Jesus is right about Jesus not being a human being, or I’m right and Jesus was fully God and fully man. Only one of us can be right since our views are in conflict. But, I cannot prove him wrong, therefore, I’m saying, I respect his intelligent opinion and I hope he will respect mine.

    • hesedyahu says:

      I appreciate that you responded to my article in a kind manner with no animosity. I hope my analysis of your response is taken in a similar manner.

      I understand your disagreement with what I’ve stated about the triune nature of God. Specifically, you don’t see how God can have a divine nature and a human nature at the same time.

      This is a misstatement of my position, a mischaracterisation. Here are two statements.

      I don’t know how planes fly in the sky. I can’t wrap my head around it.

      Planes cannot fly in the sky. They are heavier than the air and would drop.

      One is a statement of not knowing. The second is a definite statement of knowing having reached a conclusion.

      You characterised my point as “I don’t know.” That’s not my position. My position is one of knowing having reached a conclusion. If you look at my analogy, you can see that the conclusion of knowing can be mistaken, and you could explain “hey, dude, if you shape the plane a certain way, give it a push, then it can glide, and with power it can stay in the air.” You could say, “hey, look at birds, they’re heavier than air.” Things like that.

      But here my position of knowing comes from God’s self-revelation the Jewish Bible, which you may know as “the old testament,” and from reasoning. The trinitarian or divine Jesus believer (not merely the christian, since a Jesus follower can reject the doctrine of divine Jesus and still claim to hold to the new testament, rejecting your claim that the Bible clearly calls Jesus God. I know that from experience) combines contradiction in one form, the Godman. The square circle. The limited-unlimited. The immortal mortal. So I’m claiming to know.

      So that’s to correct how you portrayed my position.

      I’m all for trying to understand God on an intellectual basis but human logic will never fully grasp the full picture.

      This again is a strawman argument, a statement based on nothing I said. I never stated I’m gonna understand God fully just by using logic. You said you read my article fully, so you would have seen me mention God’s self-revelation. So this point has no bearing on my article.

      But I agree with a point in your response. We can’t both be right. We can both be wrong, but not both right. And I pray that, should anyone other that you or I read this, that they are led to and absorb God’s truth for themselves. Truth is not relative.

      Thanks for using a friendly manner to respond to my article.

  2. Searchinmyroots says:

    I’m not so sure about this statement –
    “All I can say is the Bible clearly refers to Jesus as both God and man.”

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