Paul’s foolish criteria

“And if Christ hasn’t risen, then our preaching is worthless, and your faith also is worthless.” (1 Corinthians 15:14)

Some use this statement as a criteria of falsification about faith in Jesus. To them, if it can be proven that Jesus did not rise from the dead then faith in him is worthless and pointless.

Based on this understanding, it should be seen that Paul has made a fundamental error. You may wonder what this error is. In a way, Paul would have made his faith in Jesus something totally separate from what has been revealed in the Jewish Bible.

In the Jewish Bible, there is no criteria whatsoever that says that the Messiah existence is somehow contingent upon his being redirected. Nowhere at all does it say that the Messiah will be killed and resurrected. Not even the overused chapter of Isaiah 53 overtly claims that the Messiah will be killed and resurrected because the Messiah isn’t even overtly mentioned in the text.

But Paul has raised this criteria to so exalted a place, this wholly unbiblical criteria. And in the eyes of Paul, anyone who doesn’t share this view has a wholly worthless faith.

To that I say, NO! No, Paul! If a person makes such a mistake, as you do, and raise something with no basis in truth to excessive levels, and then finds it to be fallacious, there is place and space in God’s economy to find oneself again, to see the mistake one makes, take a step, collect oneself, dust oneself off, and then return back to the truth of the one true God.

It’s odd. I started writing this 5 years ago in 2016. It’s so short. Yet I end up finishing it in 2021. Does that mean anything? Maybe not.

About hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I could call myself a singer and a songwriter ... And that would be accurate. What else is there?
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2 Responses to Paul’s foolish criteria

  1. Hrvatski Noahid says:

    Do you agree that the trinity is found in New Testament verses like Matthew 28:19? If so, why do some Christians reject the trinity?

    • hesedyahu says:

      Not in verses like that. I have seen a number of sides of christianity, the oneness doctrine viewpoint, the trinitarian viewpoint and the unitarian viewpoint. I know that each will understand that verse in multiple ways. But in significant ways, although people will say this verse hints at the trinity – and I can understand why – for fundamental reasons, this verse cannot be said to be any sort of conclusive proof of it. Once the core definition of the trinity is understood, then I think you can see why this verse does not prove it. Maybe I can give myself something to do and write an article about it.

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