Simple Truths: Servant stupidities – Lengthening eternity

So christians who claim that Jesus was and is God – fully God – would also declare that Isaiah 53 is about Jesus as well. Interesting, huh?

One characteristic that is revealed about God in the Jewish Bible is that he is not constrained or limited or affected by time or change. He is timeless, changeless and thus has no end in view. He can’t die. Another word for it is “eternal.”

Yet the christian ascribing divinity to Jesus says that this verse in Isaiah 53 applies to him.

And God desired to crush him, to make him weak/ill. If his soul makes restitution, he shall see offspring; he shall prolong his days … (Isaiah 53:10)

So let me get this straight. A “Jesus=God” believer would tell me that Jesus is fully God, having the fulness of what it means to be God, right? And God is timeless, eternal, right? And that christian would also tell me that Isaiah 53 is about Jesus, right? But that means that this “God” or “God the Son” would have his days prolonged? But eternity can’t be prolonged.

That would mean that this part of Isaiah 53 and the rest of it wouldn’t apply to the “fully-God” Jesus.


About hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I wrote my songs when I was single and not so happy and since I've been married, I haven't written as much. I guess that shows how happy and blessed I am. What else is there?
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