Atheism is not the way forward

So I finish writing another article for and it dawns on me from time to time that sometimes, when a religious person relinquishes the faith that they had devoted themselves to, they are then led to a dark place, a place of utter questioning and confusion or despair. One of the friendly faces that may show itself is atheism, the refusal to acknowledge the truth of God anymore. It is kind of like when people get out of a relationship after a painful realisation and don’t want to get into another one due to the pain and lack of trust, except in too many instances there’s a lot more arrogance involved.

But atheism is not a good step forward. To give up on the whole notion of God is a self-destructive step.

Instantly, I can hear the voices say “hey, wait there, I’m an atheist and I live a very fulfilling life.”

You know, it doesn’t matter what worldview a person chooses, there are always people who share it that will say their lives are fulfilling, be it christian or muslim or hindus or nazis or “agnostics” or whatever. But the issue isn’t whether someone is comfortable or not or have a subjective feeling of fulfilment or not. It’s whether the worldview is a consistent one and whether it is truly a good choice to accept it.

So is atheism a good positive step to take in a general sense?

Is it a good step morally? If a person believes that there is no God, then where do their morals come from? There is no objective standard for morality anymore. It’s not as if there is some principle that everyone must follow, because everyone has different ideas what the principle should be. And there’s no objective way of finding it out. Some choose rationalism, science, emotionalism, spiritualism, politics. But all of this is just a subjective choice made in a individual brain, a clump of grey matter. If a person can get away with certain actions, then there is no real reason not to. A person who decides to reject the existence of an absolute foundation of the universe, i.e., God, essentially has made it that when he or she claims that something is morally wrong, there is absolutely no reason why his or her view on morality should apply to anyone else. The same for when they say that something is morally right as well. All that happened was that his or her mouth moved due to some chemical imbalance of the brain and puffed out air and audio vibrations. That’s it.

That’s one thing I find societally and morally undercutting about atheism and what adds to their hypocrisy when so many demand that things are right or wrong, or claim that they are “moral” individuals. In the eyes of a God-fearing observer of such an individual, the individual atheist may be a good person, but that is only because of the objective sense of right and wrong that comes from the foundation of Torah-theism. But in terms of the foundations of the worldview of that atheist, having no such foundation, then it makes no difference if they are good or bad as those words have no real meaning except personal tastes at the time, nothing more, maybe less. In such a worldview, based on the fact that pain and death is just a fact of life, there is nothing essentially wrong with causing pain or death to others. Pedophilia, rape, theft, murder, corruption, all of these are facts of life with no moral difference between those acts and those of goodness and kindness. It’s all just personal actions, pleasure, brain conditions and taste.

Looking at cultures throughout history up until today, today’s moral standards are the dregs and remnants, the echoes of a Torah worldview dragged through the paganism and imperialism of an old christianity which has now been de-toothed and crippled by the rise of humanism, the belief that only human reasoning and science is the key to truth, a belief that has failed in so many of its promises but clings religiously to the advances in technology which, although meaning to bring people relief, further isolates on person from another under the illusion that computer codes and virtual existence comprised of digital pulses is a real way of living. (Man that was a long sentence!) The atheists of today, betraying their own worldview, unconsciously steal from the old (yet still present) Torah worldview to wrap themselves in a shell of morality. But as they reject the foundation of that worldview, they only have a hollow morality, changeable, man-made, empty of any real power except whatever force they can muster for themselves as individuals, or the same persuasion techniques used by the very religious evangelists they wish to remove themselves from, or the tyrannical force of the fickle and immoral governments they think they normally put into power.

It has to be said that they only think that they put such entities as government into power because the choice is always limited to parties that are essentially the same, the people they vote for can never represent them as these representatives can only realistically represent themselves as it is impossible to present thousands or millions of individuals, and what really happens in the end is that they end up under the power of the tyrannical government systems: those who are classed as “public servants” end up making the public their servants and slaves and source of revenue (i.e., indentured servitude).

So morally speaking, atheism is a hollow worldview that has more to do with self-delusion of fulfilment rather than having any absolute or real substance to their morality.

Atheism has a similar problem when it comes to knowledge, truth, or history. With atheism, there is nothing absolute or concrete about knowledge or truth. It’s just someone’s opinion, someone’s individual perception. So there is no real study of history, just a search for past relics of perceptions. The best thing they have is pragmatism: whatever works is fine. But that’s what everyone else has so they have no advantage. Once you go beyond human experience, the time span that humans have been on this planet, there is no real history, just a shell game of assumptions, biases, and limited knowledge based on guess and unprovable axioms. All of these human qualities are then set to feast upon silent circumstantial evidence to create stories and myths that that are held aloft as if the quest for truth has been realised, only for it to be dashed to the ground as rubbish when perceptions, political alliances, focus of funding and biases change. Just look at the history of science for the many theories trashed that were once almost sacred. As someone once said:

The odd thing is that science has such a ridiculous track record to serve as such a powerful veto-house of truth. If we think in terms of centuries and millennia, few other disciplines turn inside-out so flippantly and quickly as the natural sciences. Nothing can take the puff out of the scientific chest more than a study of its history. Perhaps that’s why it’s so rare to find science departments requiring courses in the history of science. The history of science provides great strength to the inductive inference that, at any point in its history, that day’s science will almost certainly be deemed false, if not laughable, within a century (often in much less time). (Douglas Jones, Credenda)

Or in other words, to marry the science of today is to prepare to become a widow tomorrow. Science, outside of human experience, as as much truth context as a fairy tale. It’s anyone’s guess.

Why bring this up? I write on a blog where I show the ineptitudes and fundamental weaknesses of christianity. All too often when a person leaves christianity, they think something like atheism is a viable worldview and all too often their religious zeal or devotion is carried over into that vacuous religion (yes, I’m talking about atheism), sometimes to the point where they move from atheism to anti-theism. They fill the void that atheism is with their old moralities to shout out against the evils of religion (remember how empty the word “evil” is in atheism) or to shun anything to do with God or objective morality.

To be in such a situation and think that one has moved forward is a delusion. It’s true that there has been movement, but not all movement is forward.

It is still very much possible, even after one has released oneself or been released from religions (including atheism), to have a healthy respect and acknowledgement of God and a standard for morality and knowledge and history. It takes a lot more effort and reflection than adopting such a inert and unworthy worldview as atheism.


About hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I wrote my songs when I was single and not so happy and since I've been married, I haven't written as much. I guess that shows how happy and blessed I am. What else is there?
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15 Responses to Atheism is not the way forward

  1. John Doe says:

    If your morality comes from the bible, koran or torah, then you only are good for fear of hell and damnation.You don’t think:WOW! i better not do this because it is unpleasant for the other person and hell may do it right back.Morality and ethics were invented by us humans as standards for living in group.A behavioral thing based on what is best for the community.If you steal, you get punished or banished from that community.Our behaviour has changed since we wrote the Torah, Christian Bible and the Quran.The barbarity in those books are looked at by many as disgusting barbaric and Actually a step backwards instead of forward.That doesn’t mean you can’t find good christians and muslims, it just means that you probably shouldn’t depend too much on the bible or quran or torah too seriously.Some stuff may be lessons like aesop fables, others is mindless dribble .Such things like homosexuality which is normal and common in the animal kingdom, and stem cell research, which many attempt to sabotage the masses by lying about.

    • hesedyahu says:

      I understand you have your personal beliefs about life and people. If you reject God, then all your beliefs and statements are are just brain fizzes, the outworkings of meaningless molecules, brought about by a fundamentally unintelligent (i.e., mindless and stupid) process. Knowing this, your statements have about as much worth as that process. It’s all just your subjective brain fizzes. Other brains fizz differently. So thanks for expressing your brain fizz. There is little point in rebutting brain fizz. Why would I argue with something that is equivalent to foam?

      When you come up with something more substantial, I’ll be happy to spend time giving a critical response of your statements. But the basis of an atheist’s worldview, just as my article says, is essentially worthless. There is nothing to argue.

  2. John Doe says:

    Even wolf packs and lion prides have rules.Who eats first, who eats last, and who is exempt from the Pack/Pride.

  3. John doe says:

    The meaning of varies from person to person.Just because i am an atheist doesn’t mean i live a life without meaning.A scientific fact: humans are pattern seekers, and making up a reality is dangerous.You miss things going on around you in nature.If you want to believe in god, you are allowed as long as you don’t force it upon others.What is important is taking care of the planet.You live on a planet that mankind is destroying.We live in an ecosystem where all creatures have a part, wether you like it or not.

    • hesedyahu says:

      “whether you like it or not” Who’s imposing their conclusions on others? And who said an atheist can’t think up some meaning for himself? I never made that argument. Scientific fact? LOL! Is it the nature of science to create facts? LOLOL! Look, everything you’ve said, again, I appreciate that your brain fizz is compelled to foam on this page. I understand that the subjective chemicals of your brain wants to expose some its products on this page. But again, so what? In the atheist worldview, your brain fizzes one way and mine another. That has little to do with truth. And your worthless fizz (objectively that’s all it can be in your worldview) has nothing to do with my brain fizzes. So what’s the point your fizz is trying to make again? That you know how the world REALLY is and you need share that truth? Which one of us is trying to preach their religion again? Sorry, let me correct that statement: your brain fizz imperfectly perceives some colour, shade and movement, and you want to share your subjective perception? I’m not sure what else you can be saying if you’re consistent with your worldview. But then again, you don’t have to be consistent. It’s all subjective.

  4. John Doe says:

    Atheism isn’t a belief system, but a lack thereof.As for the truth:It is religion closing the door and claiming to have all answers, and getting most answers wrong, like the world isn’t 6000 years old and flat, and earth isn’t the center of the universe.Why are you religious? If you want to talk about subjective experience, let’s talk about experiencing GOD.Religion is based a lot on emotion rather than logic, and it easily overwelms us.We humans must control both sides if we want to remain logical.Insulting me while i am unarmed and not even directing any attack towards you makes religion look bad.That said, i don’t hate all religious people, just the ones who slaughter countless in the name of GOD.Peace my friend.

    • hesedyahu says:

      So let me understand what the product of your subjective mindset says. OK. So you think subjectively that atheist isn’t a belief system. OK, all that is your opinion. You think religion closes the door, and gets most answers wrong. Ok, I accept that this is your opinion. You think religion makes claims on the age and place of the earth. Ok I accept that this too is your subjective opinion. You think that religion is based on emotion and not logic. OK, I accept that this is your subjective opinion. You then impose on others based on your subjective opinion that humans must do this and that to be logical. OK, again, I accept that this is your subjective opinion. It is your subjective opinion that I am attacking you. I accept that this is your opinion. You think that all your statements about religion doesn’t amount to hatred of the people who hold to it. You just accuse people of slaughtering countless in the name of God and it is your subjective opinion that that is somehow bad or wrong morally. OK. So I accept that all of this is your subjective opinion based on your atheistic worldview. Again, since this is your opinion with not an ounce of objective truth to it, then what I can I say? According to the atheistic worldview, I’d just give my opinion and then what? There is no objective “better”. There is no objective “worse”. You’re just a bunch of matter. I’m just a bunch of matter. Your words amount to nothing except electrical impulses interpreted by electronic circuits. And that is it. You make up your meaning. According to the logical conclusion of an atheistic worldview, I make up my meaning. There’s no good. No evil. No truth. Just matter and molecules. And that’s even if we perceive that correctly … HA! “correctly”? Humans percive subjectively.

      Look, I’m sure you had a point when you decided to eject your subjective mind fizz and foam on this page. But according to an atheistic worldview, ultimately, it means nothing. And I am happy to give an atheist’s words a respect consistent with his own worldview. Meaninglessness for meaninglessness. Oh yes, I know. You can muster up some meaning for yourself. Go ahead. Enjoy. When you have an argument based on something solid, I’ll be happy to entertain what you have to say.

  5. John Doe says:

    there is evidence that the bible got it wrong.People like ken ham believe the world is 6000 years old, and men lived with dinosaur, so i actually told a fact.Scientific data proven, like gravity and darwins theory of evolution a fact.Bible? some of it is real.Bias? nah.Also: It is a fact that atheism isn’t a belief, rather a lack of belief.Not subjective, but real.It has been proven by hitchens and dawkins, that the people who teach their kids creationism is harmful, but its ok if you chose to believe it on your own.The reason why it is harmful, is because it teaches kids to throw away knowledge.You have to understand that these kids are the countries future, and with bad education, your country holds itself back.I can show you evidence if you like on where america stands in education accoring to collaborated data.I deal with facts when talking about evidence.

    • hesedyahu says:

      Please refer to my previous answer as you’ve added nothing new.

    • hesedyahu says:

      Actually let me add some more. “I deal with facts when talking about evidence.” That’s what you said. But this is in fact a lie. You don’t deal with facts. You deal with how you first perceive something, and then then with how you interpret it. And in both perception and interpretation you are bound to your own human frailty and limitation, your biases, your genetics, your own personal chemical balances and imbalances, emotion, and much more. So your perception of what you call facts is limited and unreliable and your interpretation of what you perceive is limited and unreliable based on an atheistic worldview. Essentially, all that you say is subjective and flawed. So if you don’t even have knowledge of your own limitations enough to see that each statement of fact you said, in your own worldview, is tentative and doubtful and thus you don’t have statements of facts but of belief, baseless assumption, subjective opinion, and biased and tainted interpretation, if you don’t have this self-knowledge, then every conclusion you’ve made, every statement that you’ve chosen to verbally vomit onto this website, all of that is suspect. I can add that to the other conclusion that was drawn earlier that your statements are ultimately worthless, pointless, redundant, meaningless.

  6. John doe says:

    What I am talking about, isn’t that atheism is the way forward or not, but that you need some common knowledge to survive in a world where learning new things opens up doors, and staying ignorant prevents you from keeping up with people.I doubt religion will ever completely disappear, but there are many kinds of faiths.If you are looking for a reason to go on, and find god, that doesn’t change the fact that you need science.What is important, is that you don’t deny reality.By reality, i mean things like global warming.Maybe religion can coexist with atheism, and certainly some people will likely never stop believing in god, like my grandmother.Your post is atheism isn’t the way forward in the title, it said nothing about denying reality.William lane Craig for an example, argues that god murdering children in the bible is ok because they go to heaven.Wether atheism is right or not, taking the bible literally isn’t the right choice.

    • hesedyahu says:

      So what you’re saying is totally irrelevant to my blog. Either that or you are again imposing your belief in the limited human tool called science. You said that I need science. Based on the atheistic worldview, you’ve just given your subjective brain fizz and tried to impose your subjective and ultimately worthless views, something essentially pointless. Since you don’t know what reality is, you only have brain fizz and limited biased perception that uncontrollably reacts to external stimuli, then you’re not qualified to impose your beliefs on anyone. Not that it will stop you, because you like to repeat and foam your subjective pointlessness on this webpage. William Craig is irrelevant to my post. You accusing God of murdering children means nothing in atheism which has no right or wrong, good or bad, except for your own personal subjective tastes like the way a person prefers strawberry flavour to vanilla. All you’ve essentially said is I don’t like something. Means nothing in a atheism and it means nothing to me. Taking the bible literally is irrelevant to my blog post. Whether it is right or wrong is not your choice to make. All you can do, as an unintelligently formed mass of chemicals and molecules, is involuntarily react to external stimuli in your own personal way. That has nothing to do with right or wrong. It’s just physics and chemistry. So being the mindlessly mashed together product of thoughtlessness and mistakes, you are totally unqualified to state what is right and wrong, only on how your subjective chemicals react, and that’s only if your grey matter can grasp that. That’s the logical conclusion of atheism. Enjoy it.

      • John Doe says:

        And what makes you so sure of anything? Belief in god for the sake of belief? because the Bible said so? Hello pascal’s wager.I double you are a scientist, so your credentials and own reasoning for bashing science and praising belief, and calling yourself opened minded and unbiased is very ironic.You too act out of emotion, and it is difficult to not be.If atheism isn’t the answer, neither is religion.Scientists at least admit not knowing all the answers, unlikely religions like christianity, muslism and hinduism.

        Earlier in your first post, you talked about culture embedded in religion.Yes that is true, which is why teaching religion as a subject separated from science.They are two different entities.Christianity and muslism got a lot of its content from judaism.You have to understannow, there are many choices other than atheism, but some are worse than others.We are humans, and our eyes, ears an brains aren’t made to deal with such problems as quantom fisics, so we invented god to fill the void of not knowing, and to comfort ourselves at night.2000 years have past since the time of the old testament, and even though the bishops and priests have changed their mind, it doesn’t hold up, so yes this relates to the topic.Buddhism is more of a philosophy than religion.If you are worried about philosophy, keep in mind that we humans keep changing our minds, which is why our policies change.If there is something better than atheism, i don’t know about it.You just need to understand why people choose that stance over others.All it means, is being mostly sure, but not 100 % sure.And why is god less popular now than in the past? that is because of multiple reasons:

        Accumulation of knowledge has made us doubt the stories in the bible, koran and torah.
        Muslims attackin 911, and those who refute science for creationism and other superstition

        You may say what you like, but you haven’t presented a better alternative.I read quite a bit, and watch debates.Whatever you throw at me is far more subjective when applied to god.There is a god. me: How do you know? You:I feel it.Working with facts is different.You may ponder your existence, as long as you realize this: Animals don’t have a care about their existence, and they are content.What government you want or belief is
        Irrelevant as long as you do nothing about it say what exactly to replace atheism and why, and why, it matters to you so much?

        Science proof, and the burden of proof lies with the person making incredible claims, like god miracles and such.You write like a christian.If you ask any scientist about the work they come out with, they would happily explain.

      • hesedyahu says:

        I look at all that you’ve said in this lengthy response and I come to realise something. You’re not talking to me. You speak of someone bashing science and praising belief, someone calling himself openminded and unbiased, someone acting out of emotion, and someone who spoke about culture embedded in religion. Since I said none of these things, you’re not talking to me or about my blog post. In fact, all you’ve done is talk about stuff that’s quite irrelevant. This “discussion” is pointless. You use this blog as a platform for your evangelism and we just talk past each other. So I’m ending this here and now. You may have time to waste, but I’m not going to waste my time on this anymore. Be the best you can be and get on with your life.

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