For christians, what God said doesn’t matter

So another christian comes up to you, points to the sacrificial law in the books of Moses, and states that sacrifices and blood make up such a significant part of the Law. Following that they then put forward that Jesus’ death and blood were a valid sacrifice to God, that all the sacrifices foreshadowed this, as is supposedly clear from the Jewish Bible.

Yet there is a voice strangely missing from this argument that is supposed to be based on the Jewish Bible: the Jewish Bible itself.

Think about it! The christian relies – supposedly – on the Law of Moses, and its supposed plethora of slaughters and sacrificial offerings. But anyone who takes God’s law seriously – God’s words seriously – will at the very least hesitate to follow the christian’s example and claim that all that is needed is something to act as a substitutionary sacrifice and blood. Why?

When we take God’s words seriously as given in the foundational revelation of the Torah Law of Moses, then it would be plain that he never said all that is needed is blood, even the blood of the righteous or the perfect. God gave specific instruction regarding how to do a proper and legal offering. It’s done in a specific way, by a specific person, using specific materials, like suitable animals or plants or spices or flour. Nothing in God’s law gave license for people to spiritualize His words. He is the One that made and makes the rules.

When it is God that makes the rules, it is arrogant to accept something that God did not legalize. There is nothing in his law that states that a human being can be a valid sacrifice. There is nothing in his law that states that He Himself can be a valid sacrifice (and may such a disgusting thought perish). There is nothing in his law that states that any and every form of blood will do, that it can be shed in any and every place. There is nothing in his law that states that the execution of humans or monsters is a valid sacrifice for anything.

And yet christians seemingly bathe in the blood of their human or monstrous manGod messiah and say that it fulfils Torah. Understand that! Something that is not explicitly stated or legalized in Torah – the death of a man or monstrous manGod by mundane and mutilating execution – fulfils Torah. Again, look at that! God did not clearly say that in the Torah. It is nowhere commanded that such an a sacrifice is acceptable. In fact, based on the words of Torah, it is illegal. Remember the words of that same Torah: “do not add or subtract from these words of Torah”. The death of a man or monstrous manGod has no place amongst the words of the law of Moses.

So what God actually said in the Law, the Torah, doesn’t matter to a christian when it comes to the acceptance of a man’s death by execution as a valid sacrifice for sin. God made it clear what was acceptable in the Law. But it is the christian and his or her devotion to a man that usurps God’s commands, that says “our interpretation, our holy books in the new testament, the man we choose have more authority than what God actually said”. This should tell you something. The basis of a christian’s faith is not the God who revealed Himself at Sinai, or else those clear words would come first and their faith would have to bow to it, including its exclusion and omission of the notion of human sacrifice or a human death (or a manGod) being a means of sacrifice, i.e., the fact that it is illegal. The heart of their worship isn’t truly the God who revealed himself to the nation of Israel, the God of creation. Therefore neither is their faith based on the words of his Torah, the special instruction He gave to Moses and to Israel, an example for the whole world.

The centre of their faith and devotion is, rather, in the life experiences, sufferings, and death of a man and how it was interpreted by Paul and the other writings of the new testament. This devotion is then fed back into words of God in the Torah, so that where God never said a word about human death as a means of sacrifice, now supposedly it was just an unmentioned message that was given in hints and types and allegory. God’s word no longer means what it says but was just intended to speak of something else that he never actually mentioned in the law itself.

It’s important to realise how scary such a faith in when applied to other things in life. Imagine it! Every time you speak, someone else comes along and re-interprets what you say in such a way that it doesn’t resemble what you say. That’s what the christian devotion to a man does.

This is why what God says doesn’t really matter to a devoted christian. It is what Paul and the new testament’s depiction of a man called Jesus that comes first and then God can speak and only in a way that agrees with that new testament and Paul’s depiction and interpretation. Just think of the conversation between a christian and a questioner:

Questioner: In the Law of Moses, does it clearly and overtly talk about God accepting the death of a man by means of a mundane execution as a means of forgiveness or atonement?
Christian: [honest answer] No!
Questioner: Does it say that you only need blood to make a valid sacrifice?
Christian: [honest answer] No!
Questioner: Does God say in his law that any part of its ritual services are only temporary to be superseded by “a better sacrifice”?
Christian: [honest answer] No!
Questioner: So where is it clearly laid out that any of this would happen?
Christian: The new testament, the letters of Paul, the book of Hebrews.

So, although I can sympathize when a christian thinks he’s following God’s way, listening to God’s voice, such a thing is far from the truth. In the Torah, God laid down the specifications saying “do not add to it or diminish it”. The christian’s devotion of the life experiences and death of a man caused them to add to it by accepting human sacrifice, and diminish from it by saying that the ritual laws is “fulfilled” in Jesus, which really means that part of the law is temporary and abolished. Some christians even teach that the whole thing, the whole Torah, is abolished with people now living according to some spirit. But once again, the word of God himself is silent on such issues or contradicts it entirely.

So to summarize and end this, I’ll say this. The foundational revelation, the Torah of God given to Moses and Israel, is rejected fundamentally by those who say that the death of a man is a valid sacrifice for sin. Why? Because it wasn’t what God said in his revelation at Sinai! That’s why it doesn’t matter what God said with regards to such christians. They raised to the words of man above the words of God.


About hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I wrote my songs when I was single and not so happy and since I've been married, I haven't written as much. I guess that shows how happy and blessed I am. What else is there?
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