The Quest and the Pot of Gold

Silence hung thick in the air after explaining to two of my friends that I no longer considered myself a messianic Christian. I took a deep breath, searching their faces for which of the myriad reasons I should start with by way of further explanation.

The friend who had known me the longest waved her hand in the air. “I guess it only makes sense,” she said. “You started out Catholic, married a Baptist, worked in a Methodist church, attended Bible Church and a Church of Christ and then ran away and became messianic. Now you’re dumping the whole thing?”

Indeed my journey of faith had led me through several denominations over the course of four decades as I studied daily and sought out the deepest truths of God’s Word, thirstily devouring all biblical knowledge I could get my hands on. The Quest had led me to university level studies of first century Judaism and Christianity as well as venturing into the Hebrew, Greek and Paleo Hebrew languages so I could hope to read the Word in its original form without denominational interpretation.

“But you’ll lose your salvation!” my other friend gasped. I smiled and took her hand, explaining that in Jeremiah 29, YHWH says we’ll find him when we seek him with our whole heart. It was that verse that gave me the courage to move through the scary process of seeking out the truths behind inconsistencies that had perplexed me for so many years. Our loving God commands us to seek out his Truth, not just take it on someone else’s word. He doesn’t condemn us for seeking out his ways. In Isaiah 56 and Ezekiel 18 (to name but two) he promises his forgiveness, atonement and restored relationship for all those who will repent from sin and keep his instructions. It’s that simple.

The truths I found on my lifelong Quest are somewhat like uncovering a huge pot of gold, revealing the richness of who the Almighty really is once you peel away the man-made myths and religious doctrines. But don’t take my word for it — they are there waiting for you to uncover them too! It is something I hope you won’t want to miss.


About Geodē O.

As an adventure travel writer and photographer since 2008, I found that traveling with my large dogs could be challenging due to size restrictions. This site is dedicated to those who love traveling with their large dogs and don't want to leave them behind.
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  1. hesedyahu says:

    Great articles, James

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