They blinded their mother and blinded themselves

You heard it first said by their messiah-figure, Jesus, that the Jews refused to accept him, that they were of their father, the devil, that they were hypocrites, ignorant of their own bible. And then it was echoed by one who came after him, Paul, who said that the Jews were blinded, that they had a veil over their faces since the times of Moses which blinded them from what was going to happen. Their teachings and views more or less died amongst the Jewish followers of that belief when they vanished into nothing, but the gentile church that Paul had fathered still promoted the same message about the Jews. “Blinded”! “Obstinate and stubborn”! “Foolish”! “Couldn’t see what was right in front of them!” “Evil Jews”! And it grew and grew until some of those gentile christians and the new Jewish converts to christianity that they managed to capture started to condemn the Jewish nation of adding things and taking away things from their own holy scriptures, the Jewish Bible, the Torah. “The vowel points were purely later additions, having no traditional history, added partly to obscure who messiah was”! “They hid the name of God!” And then those same gentile christians would say that the Jews didn’t even know what their own Hebrew Bible meant. “No, that word means a pure, untouched virgin, not young woman!” “No, that word means pierced, not like a lion!” “We’ll give that word the Aramaic meaning of son, not the Hebrew meaning of purity!” “No, the ancient Jews worshipped a trinity, not just a singular God!” “Those names mean that a man can be God!” “The oral law is just the later addition of rabbis!”

The accusations hurled soon turn to what’s written in the Jewish history represented in the Jewish Bible. “Your history is full of idol worship!” “Your fathers couldn’t even keep the law properly!” “Didn’t it say that the pen of the scribes, those who write the law, are filled with lies?” “I can’t think of a generation of Israel that actually had it together.” “They lost their law and had to have one of their kings find it again.” “They were put into exile because of their sin.”

And all this stemmed, not only from the fragments of anti-semitism in their history, but from the fact that they embraced a certain man as messiah, and, on a whole, the covenant Jewish nation did not! [“covenant Jewish nation” to differentiate from secular or apostate Jews who ignore their covenant obligations] From that beginning, the people chosen by God are turned into bungling idiots, corrupt sources, people who supposedly had the truth in their midst and either didn’t know it or rejected it.

And the gentile christians and their later Jewish converts thought they still had a leg to stand on.

See the speck in one eye, missing the beam in one’s own – let me cut off my own legs

But then you start to think about what exactly these christians are saying and you’ll start to notice a shadow lurking behind their words. It’s almost like there’s a hollowness in their words despite the venom and emphasis put into them. You see, people start to notice what they keep saying about the Jews. And, almost inevitably, the atheists, anti-theists, agnostics, anti-Semites, and other God-rejecters both within christian circles and without, all of them smile with delight and see opportunity as these accusations are hurled.

But why? Why?

You see, christians, no matter what sort, Catholic, one of the Protestant denominations, those christians who are Jews who think they have some real or original view of Jesus and Paul, all of them rely on the Jewish Bible, what they may call “the old testament”. Before christianity and its messiah figure came on the scene, the Jewish Bible and all that surrounded it was in the care and custodianship of the Jewish nation and their authorities. You must understand what this means, because this is vital to understanding what christians are doing and have done.

The Jewish Bible is not just a text, or at least it is not just about what is written on the pages. It represents the history and law of the Jewish people. Not only that, it is supposed to contain the revelation from God himself, and it is represented by the text of the Hebrew Bible. Now, just think! What do the words mean? No, that level is too high. What do the words sound like? Nope. Nope. Still to high a level. OK. What words should actually be in the Jewish Bible? What did God really say to the Jews? And was it accurately recorded initially? It was over a thousand years until christianity came on the scene. But for those thousand years, was the text kept pure, free from error?

Some would ask, why question it? Surely God’s Providence ensured that the text was kept untainted for those thousand years. But here’s the problem. God didn’t hand the text to Providence. He handed it to blind, evil, bungling, contrary, idolatrous, lying Jews, Jews who couldn’t be trust to keep the commands it was claimed that they were given, the Jews who supposedly misplaced their own law had found a copy in the ruins of the temple (if you take the christian reckoning of what really happened).

Let’s add to that. What books are supposed to be part of the Jewish Bible? Now remember, it wasn’t the christians, not even the catholics, who put the Jewish Bible together. It was those same blind and bungling Jews, those Jews who rejected the messiah, who, according to christians and their messiah figure, killed the prophets from “righteous Abel to Zechariah”. Now if they couldn’t even figure out who the messiah was when he was supposed to have come, and they so violently abused the prophets when they came, how can we trust that they even put the right books in the Bible?

Back to some of my previous questions. How do we know the meaning of their Hebrew words? How do we know that they were not changed or corrupted? I mean, again, think about it! The very concepts of messiah, sacrifice, the meaning of blood and atonement, the Law, the Davidic kingship, all of that and more were help by this blind, if not wicked, people. What certainty do we have for any of these?

Let’s be honest! If God gave his holy word to such a corrupt and blind and contrary people, did he have the text kept in cold storage or something? Did he have it locked in stasis in another dimension to keep them from getting their grubby little hands on it and do what any human in history has done to their holy texts: mess with it, shift meanings and words to their liking or understanding? Because anything less would need more than a miracle to keep the texts and its understandings from being perverted.

You see, what the christians are essentially doing by accusing their “mother religion”, the covenant nation of Israel, of blindness and dishonesty is undermining and eroding the truth or confidence in their own scripture, because if we can’t trust those who were custodians of scripture, then it makes it much more difficult to trust those scripture.

God won’t help you

Of course their congregants, ministers and missionaries will assure us saying that it was a miracle of God that kept the text pure until it reached their christian hands. But even now, the gentile christians and their Jewish followers are not the custodians of scripture and its original meanings and copies of texts. They may be the keepers of translations, and they may have stolen a few copies of the Hebrew Bible for themselves. But there is no sign whatsoever in history that somehow they got their hands on the perfectly-kept-in-total-isolation original Hebrew scriptures. There is no overtly clear sign that the custodianship of scripture was handed over to them. They didn’t have another Sinai encounter were masses of them received the new divine given copies of the originals. They still lean on the Jewish testimony like a shrivelled one-legged man, that Jewish testimony that they are willing to hurl abuse at, whether it’s the supposedly lighter accusation of blindness or the full on verbal tirade infused into the christian psyche from the pulpit and the new testament. And no defense they give can remove the tool they’ve used to undermine the trustworthiness of their “old testament”.

Now although they themselves can swallow the pill that God maintained the scriptures somehow through the history of the evil blind Jews, they essentially have a foundationless story propped up by the self-deluded notion that somehow the text of scripture survived thousands of years in the hands of blindness, evil, idolatry, commandment breaking, supposed weaknesses of the flesh.

It’s not just a shadow lurking behind their words. It’s an abyss, a bottomless chasm.

Embracing sanity, but at what cost?

Let’s be consistent. If a person decides to use the scriptures as if they are trustworthy, then they have to believe that not only is God trustworthy, but that he also gave his holy words to a trustworthy custodian who painstakingly bent over backwards to ensure that such a revelation was kept intact. There can be no inconsistent picking-and-choosing where the covenant nation of Israel are only blind in those places that disagrees with you, but are trustworthy in places where they happen to agree or back up your case. Such a pick and choose approach betrays not God-fearing, but rather self-serving motives and smacks of self-worship, the sort of mindset seen in those same atheists, anti-theists, agnostics and other God-rejecters that salivate over seeing the foundations of the Torah undermined and destroyed.

But there are repercussions to being consistent.

In general, the same nation that were custodians of those scriptures rejected the messianic claims of Jesus, saying that the understandings of scriptures that come from the new testament are wrong, erroneous, and twist not only the words of the scriptures, but ignores and insults the rich non-textual tradition that came from Moses, and through centuries of applying God’s revelation to their day-to-day individual and national lives. The historical authorities of that nations stand unified in denouncing the doctrines that come from major parts of christianity which say that God can become a man or that there are mulitple persons (Gods) in the “godhead”, and that God can only be appeased of sin with blood, that human sacrifice is permitted when either God commits suicide or when a specific individual does it, that God’s law – which he said was eternal – was actually temporary and is annulled by that same illegal sacrifice, that sin and the condemnation of it in inherited in the flesh dooming mankind without some blood, amongst other doctrines.

The question is whether you’ll be consistent and investigate the matter again, or maybe for the first time.


About hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I wrote my songs when I was single and not so happy and since I've been married, I haven't written as much. I guess that shows how happy and blessed I am. What else is there?
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8 Responses to They blinded their mother and blinded themselves

  1. Very clear and to the point, love it!!

  2. Leland Best says:

    Nice! Very Nice! Gotta love it when the truth is told…

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