Simple Truths: Escaping Responsibility

The Jewish Bible teaches that everyone is responsible for their own actions. Personal responsibility is the name of the game. You do the crime, you pay for it or you repent of it, praying direct to God. You do good, you are blessed for it. You are responsible.

The christian bible, the new testament, turns everything on its head. Did you do a good deed? Forget it. Paul says no man does any good at all (he distorts the Jewish Bible to promote this). You sin? There’s nothing you can do to save yourself. You want forgiveness? You have to rely on someone else. They even distort the Jewish Bible with this ugly, foreign notion by claiming that Israelites needed priests or sacrifices to get close to God, a notion utterly refuted by Micah 6:6-8.

Christianity is essentially the removal of your responsibility. You can’t do anything good, leave it to Jesus. You can’t approach God, leave it to Jesus. When you sin, it’s not you but the sin living in you. And you? You’re essentially nothing but a plaything of whatever force you think you align with at the time.

But that is so so wrong! You are made in the image of God. Make a choice and live up to that image. If you fail, you fail. If, allowing God’s guidance, you succeed you succeed. It’s the life you were given! It’s your choice. It’s your responsibility. So make that choice and live with what follows. My advice? Choose life, revere God and keep his commandments!


About hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I wrote my songs when I was single and not so happy and since I've been married, I haven't written as much. I guess that shows how happy and blessed I am. What else is there?
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2 Responses to Simple Truths: Escaping Responsibility

  1. searchinmyroots says:

    Great post!

    I would just change the “screw that” remark. It seems a little out of character.

    Just my opinion.

    Otherwise, you hit it dead on. I’ll give you another thing they turn upside down. Life! They think this life is so terrible and cannot wait until they “get to heaven”. Well, G-d gave us life for a reason. To enjoy it! I think there are several passages in the Hebrew bible that refers to this, no??

    • hesedyahu says:

      I made the change you suggested, RootSearcher. I respect your point of view. Good comments. Agreed. Of course there are verses that tell us what you stated. But the xtians have the book. But they have eyes that don’t want to see

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