Simple Truths: Servant Stupidities

Here is a fact:

God is servant to no one. No one is the master of God. Being the highest authority (Deuteronomy 10:17) means that God doesn’t labour under any one’s order or command. A person who only has himself as a servant or slave, in realistic terms, has neither slave nor servant.

So if any one brings us a doctrine that says that Jesus is God and that he is prophesied of in places like Isaiah 53 as being God’s servant, they have only spoken in contradictions or are playing games with language.

In realistic terms, “God” is the very opposite of “servant.”

Think about it.


About hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I wrote my songs when I was single and not so happy and since I've been married, I haven't written as much. I guess that shows how happy and blessed I am. What else is there?
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