A Reader of “Leaving Jesus” Leaves Jesus

First up, my name is Jed. I have recently, within the past couple of months, begun to research who exactly the man that is worshipped and revered across the world known as Jesus is according to Judaism, the only spritual path, in my opinion, that counts in the end. What I have found is, that in order to be honest with not only myself, but my Creator, I would have to reevaluate all that I believe. During my spiritual audit, one of my friends had been talking about a book, titled ” Leaving Jesus”, that I began to read. I could not put it down. It is simply one of the most fascinating books I have read. The argument put forth is simple, yet profound, just like with every truth of the Scriptures.

When I first began to read it, I decided that, while I would keep an open mind, I would not leave Jesus. I was wrong. In the months following ( it has now been three), I have come to dispise the image of the first century rabbi that the Catholic church has twisted over the millinea. They have not only made him into an equal with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but have put him above the Creator.

Stepping back and deciding not to judge him ( Jesus) solely on what pagan religions have taught about him, I am now in the process of researching who he really was, and who he may be in the future. For the record, I do not believe he was the messiah of Israel, but, if in fact he was a first century rabbi, he does deserve to have his name cleared, either way.

This blog is here mainly so I can post my findings and results of what I find and discover about Jesus, who’s real name was Yeshua, and also to serve as a resource for the counter-missionary that has to deal with the constant chants of Jesus’ messiah-hood and divinity by Christians and even many Jews. There are clear Scriptures that speak of the role of the real messiah, and I will write on that as well, eventually. A day is coming when the true messiah will come, and he will not be worshipped, or honored as God, but will have a role in restoring Israel, and Torah to the entire world. Blessings in Hashem~ Foggy

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