The faith that overcomes … the truth

Speaking with christians these days is an education. You get to see what really makes them tick. Sometimes you even get to see the basis of what makes them tick. And all too often the basis is as vacuous and empty as air.

You see a lot of christians say that it is faith that allows to overcome different difficulties; it is faith that gives them an inner strength; faith that lets them see the end goal, the way to salvation, to heaven. But faith in what? Ultimately, for many, it is faith in Jesus!

Now I’ve said before that, in many ways, I would prefer a person be a christian than an atheist, an agnostic, or an anti-theist. Better to have some firm basis for morality and truth than none at all. But with too many christians, you’ll notice something. Probe a little deeper and find out the foundation for that faith in Jesus. And it’s important to note that this is faith in Jesus, not faith in God. Even if they make claims that Jesus is God, it is still Jesus that comes first; it is because they believe in Jesus that they believe in God in order to confuse the identities.

So again, probe deeper. Why faith in Jesus first? What’s the basis of that faith?

Now one thing that is said by many is “because he fulfilled over x amount of prophecies in the old testament.” Just put any relatively big number where the “x” is. But, all too often, you press them to quote or explain the prophecies in their original places in the “old testament” and one of two things happen: either the amount of actual prophecies they actually know is almost nothing compared to the supposed number they gave; or their knowledge of the context of the so-called prophecies of Jesus is pathehic, if not downright atrocious!

This matters a lot! I’ll say this again: this matters a lot! Let me be as blunt with as I can be. Screw the miracles ascribed to him in the new testament gospels! Screw the teachings christians say he originated, despite the general ignorance among them of Jewish traditional teachings back then! Sorry about this, but even screw his supposed death and resurrection (despite the fact that for some strange reason, even some of his disciples didn’t recognise him or believe after the supposed resurrection)! Screw all that! If Jesus didn’t do what was prophecied and promised in the “old testament”, if the things that were meant to happen in the times of the real messiah did not occur in the days of Jesus, then he’s not the promised messiah, no matter what miracle he pulls off, no matter if he resurrected himself, the Harlem Globetrotters, Steve Jobs, and every single prophet of old at the same time with one hand tied behind his back. He didn’t match the criteria so he’s not the man for the job! No miracle will make 2+2=5!

And that’s the problem with a lot of christians and their faith. If they can’t even tell what a messiah is, mistaking it for claims of divinity, if they can differentiate between a historical narrative and a clear prophecy, if they don’t know what prophecies needed to be fulfilled to prove one’s identity as that of the messiah, if their faith and knowledge of messiah is only based on the new testament, or even worse, the teaching of their church, then what is their faith really worth? They are essentially basing their faith in all the wrong things, silly notions such as the resurrection proves the divinity of a man who may not have even been the messiah. They place their faith in magic and nice sayings but not truth.

That’s why christianity is essentially failure. That’s why they put more faith in a human, no matter how they make him a God. That’s why they think a man’s death can atone for the sins of others, even if they made it into the death of God Himself, perish the disgusting thought! Because they accepted the stories of the magic man that said great innovative things before they thoroughly checked and understood the foundational scriptures, the Jewish Bible. As the book, Leaving Jesus, intimates: they accepted Jesus and then read backwards.

Now I know that a lot of this blogpost doesn’t speak for every christian, except for that last statement from the book, Leaving Jesus. But unfortunately it’s true for the vast majority of christians I’ve met, standing steadfast on a faith based on ignorance that only taints the clear words of the Jewish Bible with a foreign poisonous doctrine.

They truly have adopted a faith that overcomes the truth.


Title of blogpost adapted from the christian phrase, “faith that overcomes the world.”


About hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I wrote my songs when I was single and not so happy and since I've been married, I haven't written as much. I guess that shows how happy and blessed I am. What else is there?
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  1. rachav7 says:

    It is so good to read some sane information on the web these days. šŸ™‚

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