The monster: the God-man Jesus

There are two parts of the Athanasian creed. One part deals with the trinity, which is not accepted by all christians. The other part deals with the nature of Jesus, which, strangely enough, more christians accept. Yes, there are still those christians, the minority, who totally shun the “Jesus is God” doctrine. But a great many christians accept the notion that Jesus was God, whether they accept the full trinity doctrine or not.

Human nature

To come across this concept of someone being fully God and full man, for me personally, red lights start flashing saying that something is wrong here totally wrong. To think of what it means to be fully human …. if someone were to say to me “I am a real and full human being, but I also have a nature that is fully Deity,” even without knowing what the whole definition of Deity is, I can know for sure that this person is not human. (Actually, most people would think that person stark raving mad, but that’s not the subject of this article.) This gets even worse when a person actually knows what God has said about himself in the foundational scriptures, the Jewish Bible, or more fundamentally, the Torah of Moses.

Come on, we know the human experience and we know human nature. Our human life is essentially limited. We don’t know everything. We don’t get everything right. We fumble and we fall. For all the powers and skills we have, we are plagued by an inability to account for all the factors with respect to all parts of life. A person may be a great business man, but a horrible husband. A human being can flip a untampered-with coin and have absolutely no idea which side will come up because we don’t have the skill to flip the coin with absolute perfection, accounting for wind speed, magnetic fields, people passing by, the speed of the flick, the angle of the finger, etc.

All we humans are is human flesh with human nature and that is it! In that human nature is both weakness and greatness, the potential for much and for desperately little. That’s because we were made in God’s image. But we are still human!

Once someone comes along as says “I have both a human nature and a God-nature,” we can say for certain, you are not a human! You’re something else. Something deviant, hybrid, freakish …. a monster. Maybe even an unholy monster.

The unholy monster

Now why do I say “unholy” monster? As I said, it’s one thing to be ignorant of the Jewish Bible and using normal thinking see that the divine Jesus is not “fully human” once you add the “fully divine” to it. It’s another thing to actually know the Jewish Bible and see the abomination that has been created by the “divine Jesus” crew.

The Deity of the Jewish Bible is essentially “other.” He is a being that existed before time and space and matter existed and thus is not affected by those thing. But all we know is time and space and matter. We are limited by them. Statements throughout the Torah and the Prophets make very very clear statements about God. If we go by the clear statements of the Bible, God cannot be seen, he is not comparable with any created thing, he is perfect, all-powerful, eternal, unchanging, everything that we don’t experience from humans or creation (e.g., Exodus 33:20; Isaiah 40:18, 25, 28; Deuteronomy 32:4; 39; Malachi 3:6). So, again, he is totally “other.”

What’s worse is that there are clear statements of the Jewish Bible that says that God is not a man (Numbers 23:19; Hoshea 11:9). You must really focus on this total otherness, this total supremacy of Deity. And once you’ve done that, think about man! Compare essentially infinite with essentially finite. Compare omniscience with not even know what’s going on from moment to moment and just doing the best with the limited knowledge you have. Compare all powerful with not being able to budge a cold or the flu, or being blown over by strong gust of wind. Compare the being who was before matter, time, and space and thus is beyond it, compare that with us, stuck almost freeze frame in the present, trapped in a body of failing flesh, who can see only an infinitesimally small fraction of space.

You must understand that it’s not just that we are totally unlike Deity. Our very essence contradicts his! I don’t mean contradict as in right and wrong, or we are evil and He is good! I mean contradict as in that in many ways, we are the opposite of what God is. And it is because of this contradiction we know that once a human being appears on the scene and claim to be the God of the Jewish Bible, or his followers claim such a thing, we know such a thing is impossible. Because once you know that God is infinite and you see a finite being, you know that being is not the one true God. It contradicts God’s own word for the undying, unchanging, infinite Being to change, to die, and to be finite.

And that’s not all …

To add to that previous section, Israel were given the standard and the role of being a witness to God’s oneness. They know what idolatry is! And in their Torah there is an explicit statement.

(8) And what great nation is there that hath statutes and ordinances so righteous as is all this law, which I lay before you this day? (9) Only take heed to thyself, and guard thy soul diligently, that thou do not forget the things which thy eyes have seen, and that they depart not from thy heart all the days of thy life; but thou shalt make them known unto thy sons, and unto thy sons’ sons; (10) The day that thou stoodest before the Lord thy God at Horeb, when the Lord said unto me, Assemble for me the people, and I will cause them to hear my words, which they shall learn, to fear me all the days that they shall live upon the earth, and which they shall teach their children. (11) And ye came near and stood at the foot of the mount; and the mount was burning with fire unto the midst of the heaven, from amidst darkness, clouds, and thick darkness. (12) And the Lord spoke unto you out of the midst of the fire; the sound of words ye heard, but any similitude ye saw not: there was nothing but a sound.

(15) Take ye therefore good heed of your souls; for ye saw no manner of similitude on the day that the Lord spoke unto you at Horeb out of the midst of the fire: (16) That ye become not corrupt, and make yourselves a graven image, the similitude of any idol-figure, the likeness of a male or of a female, (17) The likeness of any beast that is on the earth, the likeness of any winged fowl that flieth in the air of heaven, Deuteronomy 4:8-12; 15-17 (1853 Leeser’s Translation of the Twenty Four Books of the Hebrew Bible)

Israel, the covenant nation, the group of people who actually take the covenant of Moses seriously, have never worshipped a man as God or God as man and they consider it idolatry to do so. Their own law as quoted above states clearly that when God revealed himself to them, no form was associated to that revelation. The implication of what follows in the quote is that you can’t associate a form, even the form of a man like Jesus, to God. No form belongs to God. Other biblical statements are interpreted in line with clear statements such as this. I won’t go into them now, but I’ll just repeat the principle: it is the clear biblical statements that dictate the meaning of unclear ones or seemingly contradictory ones. Clear biblical statements help us understand if others are to be taken literally or not.

Because of Israel’s experience and stubborn witness, even today, they stand against the divine Jesus doctrine!

It is based on both biblical and logical reasons that the divine Jesus belief creates the unholy monster.

The fudges and excuses …

What makes things worse for the divine Jesus doctrine is that the people who hold to it makes it so central. Because of this, weird stances and conclusions arise. One such stance or belief they hold is that Jesus had to be more than a typical human for his death to atone for the sins of humanity because of verses like Psalm 49:7-9 and a perverted view of the sacrifices detailed in the written Torah. Thus, they think such great sin needs God Himself to die to atone for it. How do you make an undying God die? Make Him human!

Now you have to ignore the fact that the unchanging God said that no form is associated to Him and He doesn’t change. You have to put aside the fact that the invisible non-human God said He can’t be seen and He is not a human. So basically, ignore the God of the Jewish Bible, ignore what His revelation says about Him, and then you can have your divine Jesus to die for you.

It’s amazing how much the supposed fulfillment of scripture has to ignore and contradict it! Or to be blunt, a divine Jesus doesn’t fulfill scripture; it contradicts it! But that’s not all!

Those that would have us believe there was such a union and unity between Deity and humanity, in order to sidestep these difficulties, would say that only the human side of Jesus died and the Deity is undisturbed. But the thinking person will see the that believer hasn’t just shot himself or herself in the foot: they’ve blasted both legs away! Because one of the main reasons for this whole divine Jesus nonsense is that one man can’t atone for another man’s sin. And if only the human side of Jesus died, no matter how sinless he was purported to be (and sinlessness is neither observable or provable), then it is still just a man who tried to die for others! And the divine Jesus crew says that’s not possible. This supposed God-man would not have died: the man died and the God continued living.

And that is just looking at the doctrine. When you compare that with the Jewish Bible, more of the problems with this doctrine become highlighted. Things such as the fact that the one or two verses before the new covenant of Jeremeiah 31 it clearly states that everyone is responsible for their own sin. In fact, it clearly states that everyone dies for their own sins (Jeremiah 31:30). It seems wrong that it should start of with someone dying for everyone else’s. It’s also very contrary to think that any man, divine or not, can do anything for anyone else when Ezekiel 18:20 says that the righteousness of the righteous is only for that righteous individual and the wickedness of a wicked person is only for him. There is no transfer or cross-over, even if one should die for the other. If the wicked dies, the righteousness of the righteous is not affected. This is also true of the righteous man dies for the wicked. This is because righteousness and wickedness is not only about some belief or some mental wish. It’s about what you do! If you act righteously and do you best to do what is right in God’s sight, then you are righteous.

So, based on all this, whether you are speaking about the divine side of things or the human side of things, there are problems everywhere. It’s either you have the Immortal dying, or you have to crucify and slaughter the biblical doctrine of personal responsibility for the sake of vicarious atonement, where one man dies for the others. The oddity called Jesus just doesn’t fit either experience or the Jewish Bible.

But then we come to those statements made by Jesus that cause such tortured explanation from the monster-Jesus believers. You see, Jesus makes statements like the following:

“The Father is greater than I …”

“I can do nothing of myself …”

“no one knows the day nor the hour, neither the Son of man or the angels, only the Father.”

Now it’s all fine for a human being, a human Jesus, to say things like this. But imagine the unique oddity, the divine Jesus, saying all these things. This is where you see the divine Jesus believer creating that psychotic split between the human nature and the divine nature of Jesus, where they say that the human nature and the divine nature are separate yet act as a unit in the one person. So they would say it is the human Jesus that is saying these things whilst the divine Son is ….. is what? Silent? This weird conception of this Jesus, at times the believer is telling us how the glorious God came down and put on the form of man and suffered as we did and died on a cross, and then all of a sudden we have the Deity taking a back seat and this human things becomes what, some independant existence? At one point, we have this Jesus flesh puppet with the divine Son hand moving him along, and then what?

Again, if we just have a human Jesus, according to their doctrine, then the sacrifice means nothing. We have just a supposedly good man dead! And if Jesus was really a proper union, we have a problem with a divine being saying he can do nothing of himself and that he doesn’t know something. The all-powerful being saying he can’t do anything by his own strength? The all-knowing saying that he doesn’t know something? It’s almost like no matter what you do which this strange being, once you drive in this “divine Jesus” car, all you get are brick walls.

Did God come down and play hide and seek in a human being? Was the the Divine Being switch inside the flesh Jesus always switched on, or did it go on and off at whatever time? What Jesus fully man and fully God all the time, or did it depend on what day you caught him or what he was saying at the time?

And then you’ve got to think about this fully man and fully God (100% man, 100% God) business. Now we can’t have a 200% being because that means we have two separate beings, and there really was no mixing. This is almost like a prophet (100% human) with communion with God’s spirit (100% Deity). People who have the divine Jesus belief can’t believe this because all you have is man and God, and only the human side would die and not atone for anything. But if we have the real monster, where we just have the 100% intrinsically unified human-God combination, then all, and I mean all, the problems of all the things God can’t do or be (like dying or weak or sleeping) becoming things He must do in the human Jesus form, and we are left in utter contradiction knowing this being cannot exist.

And no, we cannot fall back onto some overlap between both natures because we are still left with the hide and seek God in man, and the question of who did what. And one of the biggest questions for this kind of christian remains: who died on the cross? Whether you have one, the other or both dying, according to their own doctrine it just won’t work.

The mystery of the Incarnation

The mystery of the Incarnation, this unique joining in the person of the divine Jesus is not the real mystery. It is not a mystery that someone could devise such an abominable and contradictory doctrine. Humans have created many abominations over the course of history. These soul-decaying days of atheism and humanism are no different.

In one specific way, the doctrine of ths Incarnation is not a mystery. When a person actually thinks it through, when it is applied, it’s just a contradiction. That’s what attributing godhood to a human essentially is. There’s no way to see God becoming a man. No miracle can prove God became human. All we actually have is a man supposedly appearing on the scene and doing things some believe to be miraculous, saying things that some believe to be wise, but just a man. And because of the deeds said to be done by this man, people said he was God! So man is turned into God! No mystery there! Idolators have been doing it before Jesus was a sparkle in his daddy’s eye.

The mystery (or, more properly, frustration) is how we humans can, upon reading the Hebrew Bible, then ignore it and our experience and believe that a human claiming to be God (according to their doctrine) or his followers claiming such to be telling real truth and not some delusion. It’s one thing to speak with God, but to be Him?!? But intelligent people not only believe it, but fight for it. No, there is no temptation to accept the belief just because some intelligent people believe it. Intelligence is not perfection and intelligent people can accept foolish things and there intelligent people in every religion.

Rather than complain about people – I spend enough time complaining about myself – let’s just summarize the issue.

The divine Jesus is no true human as long as he has this unique integration with Deity. His two natures mean he cannot really claim to go through what we go through because no real human has such a divine nature. In fact, this dual nature christology makes him being our example a joke. His being our example is meant to be different to God in his transcendent state being our example. He’s supposed to have been through what we’ve been through. But as long as he is divine and human acting in a unit, something we have no kinship with, all he is, unfortunately is just a lonely monster.

But when this doctrine is confronted with clear words of scripture, making scripture the standard and not tbe doctrine, especially with the true witnesses of those holy writings, the covenant nation of Jews, the unholiness of this monstrosity is seen for all its unbiblical vainglory. That man can be God or vice versa is a horribly distorted boast of man, that the Supreme Transcendant should wear our shoes of dust and clay says as much about the foolish exaltation of man as is does about the degradation of God’s glory, and thus the huge blasphemy, the insult!

How do I end something like this? I may have ended up insulting as opposed to helping. But I would prefer to publicly spit on an idol even if its worshippers feel insulted. But I do give a damn about the worshippers. Will even a few worshippers stop and wonder why I spit? But in areas of discourse like this, one person can’t convince another person to agree with. Winning an argument is not the bestvway to win the argument in a real fundamental way. I have to write this for me and whoever takes it, takes it. I would spit on that idol for me in service to the God of Israel whoever understands.

So I write this article for me in service to the God of Israel. Whoever takes it, takes it!


About hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I wrote my songs when I was single and not so happy and since I've been married, I haven't written as much. I guess that shows how happy and blessed I am. What else is there?
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