Hesediah joins “Leaving Jesus”

Hi there. My name is David. In other places I’m known as Hesediah, like on Youtube or Myspace. I’m glad that James Wood blessed me with an opportunity to do anything to help a good cause such as his.

After almost a year of struggling with the issue, I made the final step of walking away from christianity, leaving Jesus if you will, in Passover of 2003. Such a decision cannot be taken lightly at all. But here I am, over 8 and a half years later, and in the most important ways I’ve not looked back. I’ve always realised that to leave Jesus does not ever mean you have to leave the God of Israel, unlike some who took a similar exit as I did but got lost in the subjectivism of deism, agnosticism, and atheism. But I never had the blessing of a Jewish community around me or some rabbi to hold my hand as I left my former religion. I’m not as great as Abraham, but I did end up walking alone on my path. No one around me chose the same path.I only heard of others on the internet.

But I’ve always loved reading (just like my dad). So I had a chance to look at Isaac Troki’s “Faith Strengthened”, the 19th century Jewish magazine, The Occident, which had one of the best anti-missionary series ever called the Dias letters, another old book called “A guide for rational inquiries into the biblical writings being an examination of the doctrinal difference between Judaism and primitive Christianity based upon a critical exposition of the book of Matthew,” by Rev. Isidor Kalisch, Rabbi and Preacher of the Congregation Bene Yeshurun, Milwaulkie, Wisconsin. I got to listen to Rabbi Tovia Singer and read and listen to the media of Jews for Judaism.Other books like “Living up to the Truth” by Dovid Gottlieb, the commentary by Rashi, “The Hollow Inheritance” by Michoell Drazin amongst many others. I experience these resources, some before and most after my leaving christianity.

But in the end, it wasn’t by listening to any of that which caused me to leave christianity. The thing that caused me to leave christianity in such a way as should never cause me to return was to read through all 300+ messianic prophecies put forward by different websites. I read through all of them using the Hebrew and Greek and English, reading each passage in context, asking the simple question “if I were a person living at the time of Jesus, would a plain and natural reading of them in context lead me to accept him as Messiah, or worse, as God (perish the thought)?” I remember that Passover going through the list, seeing all the crosses I put next to prophecies that didn’t really cut it, that didn’t lead forward to Jesus but needed to have Jesus read into them. So many weren’t even prophecies. On that Passover, I finished reading those passages, and I put the final cross on that list. I remember the way I felt. My belief in Jesus just switched off. The supposed foundation of the New Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures, instead of leading me to Jesus, told me to shun that very person. If the foundations are removed ….

Since that time, a few years after, my christian wife asked me to read the New Testament to see if that would change anything. I did do that, noting all of its proof texts and again compared them to the Hebrew and the version of the Septuagint (ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, translators unknown) that I had. It turned me off even more. I even got to note down and see how the resurrection accounts differed imcompatibly with one another. And even after that time, after a confrontation with some Jehovah’s Witnesses, I went through Paul, again looking at each of his usages of scripture, again comparing it to the Hebrew and the version of the Septuagint I had. Because of that and what I’ve seen him do to scriptural passages, like the grammatical RAPE of Deuteronomy 30, I gain a deeper dislike for him.

Despite my path, I know a few things to be certain and true:

1) God is the truth and He is so good!

2) Christianity is false.

3) God accepts all, Jew or Gentile, who come to Him with the right attitude to learn.

I hope I can be as much a blessing to James Wood and Leaving Jesus as he has been to me for the time that we have known each other.

To any of you reading this, the door is open for you to learn about God and his truth without Jesus. If you must embrace Christianity, then I beg you to study and leave any notion of the divinity of Jesus or a trinity. Trust in the God revealed himself to Moses and the Jews, and he had no form and he doesn’t change.

God bless you all.

David Dryden (Hesediah)


About hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family. I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways. I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I wrote my songs when I was single and not so happy and since I've been married, I haven't written as much. I guess that shows how happy and blessed I am. What else is there?
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11 Responses to Hesediah joins “Leaving Jesus”

  1. elisheva bloom says:

    James Wood is one of my FB friends.
    Loved his book ( ok the parts that were available online to read) i will be buying it soon.
    Im happy you left jesus as i did at 15 and nwver turned back.

  2. elisheva bloom says:

    Oh! !! I did not know J. Woods had a FB page for his book he just released! Right on.!

  3. (David Branderud) דויד בראנדרוד says:

    In order to help Christians and to restore the image of the historical Torah-observant Jew, it should be acknowledged that the historical first century Rabbi was called Y’hoshua and must be differentiated from the counterfeit image ‘Jesus” that Christians created. They created the counterfeit image by taking some of the teachings of Y’hoshua, hellenizing them and mixing them with their anti-Torah Hellenistic and Roman doctrines. [Further documentation and historical and logical proof at: http://www.netzarim.co.il ], e.g. that of the anti-Torah [books of Moses] notion of a god mating with a human conceiving a ‘man-god’/’divine saviour’, which is inherited in Christianity and its doctrine of ‘virgin birth’ Now it is a mitzwah to restore the historical Torah-observant Jew called Y’hoshua whom have been slandered for almost 2000 years by being attributed anti-Torah doctrines.

    I was a former devout Christian between 2001 and 2007, whom started to keep the many hundred commandments of Torah [books of Moses], including rejecting Christianity and the NT, to the utmost of my ability in the spring of 2007 when I understood that NT contradicts the Torah. I did this at this time mainly because of the restored teachings of Ribi Y’hoshua on the above website led me to the understanding of Torah – the Instruction Manual of our Creator – and its validity for all people and all generations. I left the counterfeit image ‘Jesus’ to instead following haSheims Instruction Manual the Torah, including to follow the teachings of Ribi Y’hoshua – a mitzwah according to Deuteronomy 18:15-18 and the logical implications of the below link – whom didn’t add to Torah nor subtract from Torah (Deuteronomy 13:1-6). I am always happy to hear about others whom understand the anti-Torah nature of the NT, including the “gospels”.

    There is plenty of evidence that the historical Y’hoshua was the Jewish Messiah [Documentation in the below website.] and his teachings are now making people understand the anti-Torah nature of the NT and making them understand our Creator’s requirements for them to keep the several hundred commandments of the Torah non-selectively to the best of their ability and inspiring them to starting to do this – the initial state of accomplishing the fulfillment of the remaining prophecies. [Documentation: http://www.netzarim.co.il/Shared/MessPro.htm ]

    All the best!

    • James Wood says:


      Have you read my Ebook? Reply to this message if you haven’t and I will email you a coupon for a free copy…

      Thanks for commenting!


    • hesedyahu says:

      Hi David,

      My colleague, James, is more generous than me. He is a kind-hearted man.

      I’m glad that you don’t commit idolatry in worshipping “Y’hoshua” as some part of a trinity or some part of God, or attach any divinity to him. That is commendable.

      But I’m surprised at the character, this “Y’hoshua”, that you do follow. You called him a “rabbi.” Do you get to that conclusion from some he himself said? And if so, from what source are you getting his words? Is there some reliable oral tradition dating from this “Y’hoshua” that went from generation to generation, where a Jewish disciple of Jesus passed it down to his son, and then to his son, and then to his child until today? Or from disciple to student until now? The real orthodox Jews have it easy. They had a whole nation to keep alive their traditions. But this “Y’hoshua”? Which nation kept his words accurate? Which persons saw his word as so holy that they painstakingly kept his words in the original language and maintained the original sense of his words? And where is their record of this? And where is the origin of this claim of his being a rabbi? Who was his rabbinical teacher and his rabbinical student? It’s not as if someone can just call themselves “rabbi” and therefore they are a rabbi? And I haven’t heard of any of his disciples labelling themselves as rabbis, much less him? So is this “rabbi” or “ribi” a title he called himself or a title that you or a group far remove from him in time call him? And this name “Y’hoshua”, where’s that from? Is this a historical reconstruction, or is a logical backtrack from the greek name “iesous”? Or are there some original Hebrew/Aramaic documents that have recently been found, known to be faithful copies of some original (although how that would be known, that’s would be a mystery)? I’ve seen later Hebrew versions of Matthew (origins unknown) that refer to him as “Yeshu” (spelt, yodh-shin-(vav)-ayin) or maybe even Yeshua, but never “Y’hoshua”.

      I’m not touching the messiah issue for now. James referred you to his book, and that is good enough. Plus, I’ll just get even more argumentative which helps no one. The only thing I want is this: name the line of rabbis, starting from this “Y’hoshua” until today who passed down the true message of Y’hoshua and his true words. If things are just historical reconstructions and logical derivations, then I know too much about those things to know that it relies too much on personal interpretation. But a nice historical line from the origin until now, that would be very helpful to at least giving some credibility to this “rabbi” called “Y’hoshua”.

  4. Shalom – I am not quite sure why people want to hang on to this false messiah and even make excuses for his miserable existence – for sure no true Messiah of Israel will be the instrument of such Jewish blood shed due to his own words like this false Messiah. Yeshua has caused the death of millions of Jews by his false prophecies, lies, deceit and his abuse of the Rabbincal Pharisees of that time, He was an insubordinate and a rebel and his justified death on the cross was instrumented by HaShem Himself. And it is only foolish idolaters who chose to make a god out of such a miserable failure.

    The xtian greek testament needs to take a leaf out of their own nonsensical book and see who really is blind and deaf – it certainly is NOT the Jews!

  5. warren3 says:

    Great post, Hesediah. I stumbled across this blog, and (online, at least) I’m seeing a growing number of messianics studying their faith deeper, and finding it lacking something very important.

    Are you familiar with the blog yourphariseefriend.wordpress.com? It’s written by Rabbi Yisroel Blumenthal (counter-missionary), and it’s on these same topics. He’s probably the best counter-missionary writer on this subject I’ve ever come across.

    • hesedyahu says:

      Yes, I’m very familiar with rabbi Blumenthal’s blog and work. Exceptional stuff. If I would pull my finger out and help support my buddy James, we would increase the content here.

      there is something definitely lacking in xtian belief system in a very fundamental way.

  6. M KAY says:

    No one but God knows the truth and the last day will bring everyone to judgement,see to it that you do not lie to people because He says the teachers will be judged more harshly

    • David says:

      No if only someone had that sort of attitude when Jesus and his followers were on the scene and had said that to them, maybe that could have stopped the creation of the new testament. But then again, I’m sure Jesus had his opponents and he never listened to them, so he may not listen to such words of wisdom.

      But there is nothing here to say we are teachers, just people who have learned enough to voice an informed opinion based on study of the Hebrew Bible.

      And it’s not so true that only God knows the truth. He gave the truth to Moses. So Moses knew the truth as well. And all those who actually studied that revelation making it their bedrock, as opposed to later writings, know the truth as well. But based on sad experience, I can say that Christians in general have not made Moses their bedrock before accepting Jesus. Many started with being convinced of Jesus first, or by reading the new testament first, thus relying on what came later first. This is known from experience and records. Thus they cripple their own thinking before they even approach the subject.

      Thanks also for the warning against lying. It is important not to lie as it breaks many fundamentals of God’s law. The person whose site this is and me, Hesediah/David, who words with him, we respect God’s law as the most important thing, because God alone deserves our utmost devotion and worship simply because he deserves it as our Creator and our ONLY means of continuing to exist. So such a warning against lying is not needed. It’s better to state a specific issue you have a grievance with as opposed to just giving a general warning about lying which says very little and does more harm in discussion than good, especially in the context of people who respect God’s law and adore the God who gave them, the God of Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who gave the Torah to Israel so that the whole world would learn about the One True God.

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